May 2021

Every day hero

  • I’m writing a massive compliment to the driver of route 66A Prince Edward. This man goes above and beyond his job description. This man has created joy and positivity with my special needs child. It has taken months of practice with behaviour therapy to travel on the TTC with a 3yr old. He has been encouraging, helpful and supportive to my little girl who now enjoys taking his 7:20am bus every morning. I know this message might sound super cheesy but he needs to be recognized. Thank you!!!

Above and beyond

  • Operator of route 25 Don Mills exhibits high levels of situational awareness. This in conjunction with their exceptional EQ, leads to a performance above and beyond expectations.
  • Big shout out to the driver that was driving the Lawrence West express, they were very very kind. We tried to get on the bus, but our 4 month old puppy wouldn’t have it, so I backed us off and gave her a treat. Just before the driver left he made a noise and motioned if we wanted to come back to try again and we got on successfully this time! We REALLY appreciate that he took the time to let us have a second try at getting on her first bus, (he must have puppy training experience!)  and THEN made sure we were totally fine after we got off the bus.
  • A huge thank you to the excellent bus driver who went above and  beyond to help me on Saturday! I was late, lost, and the 60 Steeles West driver took up some of his break to guide me to the fastest route possible.
  • The 71 Runnymede operator is one of the wonderful drivers going out of their way to help customers and their fellow drivers. I really want to commend this person, and TTC should be proud of this exemplary employee of the commission.

All-star driver

  • Just want to shout out this driver of route 61 Avenue Rd North for always accommodating me at my stop amidst all the construction along Eglinton. Saves me 5 minutes on my commute home and I have that much more time to spend with my family
  • Super energetic and caring bus operator on the 41 Keele route. This man greets every single passenger nicely. I think such a nice person deserves something to show him that his great job can actually change many people's day and mood.
  • The 6 Bay driver, facing an unexpected detour, communicated quickly, effectively, and professionally. Thank you!
  • I operate a manual wheelchair. The 191 Rogers Rd driver wheeled me onto the bus. He’s a very kind driver who drives very smoothly and is gentle on the brakes. Thanks for the good service TTC.

 Excellent customer service

  • Thank you to the driver of route 85 Sheppard East, he was so very helpful when I asked him about my lost glasses. He was willing to go a step above. I appreciate his help.
  • This driver has excellent customer service skills and a great memory to boot! I use the stop request program as I travel alone on the 94 Wellesley and when I approached him to request my stop at Shaw he told me he remembered from last time! I felt like a valued customer.
  • I left the 501 Queen street car and left a bag on the car. I received a call from TTC Lost and Found letting me know TTC had the bag. It was super easy to pick up the bag. Thank you to the streetcar driver and the Lost and Found staff for taking such good care of my bag and its contents.

 Kudos for kindness

  • We are not riding the TTC as much because of the pandemic and because Simon is high risk (rare generic syndrome, developmental disability). Instead Simon likes to watch streetcars go by and wave at them so they ring their bell for him. We appreciate so much all the drivers who ring their bell for Simon when he is waving at them. It brings him SO MUCH JOY! Thank you for your kindness and bringing my son Simon some joy during these challenging times.
  • The 76 Royal York South driver was so positive and happy. I watched as he interacted with every person who boarded his bus. I just want to thank him for taking his time to make sure everyone on his bus was smiling.
  • I would like to compliment the 130 Middlefield operator, as he was very courteous, friendly and remembered where to drop me for my special request, so I didn’t have to ask! He is an asset and role model for the TTC, and he deserves all the kudos, thank you!

Always improving

  • Great job on the shuttle buses (Kennedy to Victoria Park) today! I didn't have to wait at all. Staff are informing and directing people where to go. It was well orchestrated.

 Made my day

  • I am a frontline worker at St. Michael's, a doctor working with COVID patients and end of life patients. We are inundated and I am working 7 days a week for over a month, long hours including overnights. I am painting this context because your lovely driver this morning stopped when he saw me rushing to the 5 Avenue Road bus stop. His kind gesture really made me feel as though we were all in this together and gave me a huge smile to start my day.
  • I greatly appreciate the 101 Downsview Park driver’s kindness and courtesy! Because of him, I was saved quite a long walk and made it on time for my vaccine appointment! I took the same bus to Sheppard West station on the way back, and he was just as kind and courteous. Thank you for your amazing service.
  • Today was my first time biking from Warden to Spadina station in order to get to work. I felt exhausted so I decided to hop on this bus. I struggled to mount my bike on to the rack but the 300 Bloor Danforth driver was really nice and helped me out. Thanks to her, I made it to work on time.

Safety first

  • The 505 streetcar driver was excellent. He had to stop abruptly and came out to check if the passengers were ok as well as surrounding vehicles. Giving credit where credit is due!
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