February 2021

Every day hero

  • The 62 Mortimer driver is a credit to the TTC. So friendly and genial. After breaking my leg and getting used to crutches, he was so patient and helped me learn to get on and off.  He would warn me about icy patches and when he saw me hobbling towards the bus, he would tell me to slow down and wait till I got on. I’m normally very independent and it has been hard relying on other people and services to get around.  He is a bright part of my day.
  • The 504 King streetcar was going through a light and an older man was running to catch it. The snow was very slippery and dangerous. The driver used his loudspeaker as he drove by to say to the man, "don't rush I'll wait for you - be careful.” It was a really amazing thing to do for a senior. This driver is a really considerate, compassionate person.
  • Our vehicle was hit by a car that ran through a stop sign. The driver then proceeded to drive away. This happened in front of the 24 Victoria Park bus that was at the bus stop. The operator called it in and was able to describe the vehicle to the police. Steve then got his passengers on the next bus and allowed us to stay warm. He was comforting us and helping to deal with the situation. He gave a report to the police and assisted me with who I needed to call and what my next steps would be. We wouldn't have known what to do if it wasn't for him.

Above and beyond

  • I witnessed the 501 Queen driver go above and beyond with customer service and professionalism several times! He’s not only a good driver but a good man. Please give this driver credit so he knows he's appreciated.
  • An elderly lady who left from the rear door of the 60 Steeles West bus, went a few steps to the sidewalk and slipped and fell on the ice and puddle. Mike (the driver) picked her up and sat her on the bench and helped her straighten up. This act was wonderful and he should be commended for his thoughtfulness and care.

Excellent customer service

  • Shout out to the 334 Eglinton East operator. Thanks for driving the Eglinton Blue Line on this very snowy morning and waiting for people as you saw them running.
  • Got off the 17 Birchmount at Ellesmere, but left my purple bag on the bus. The next day I called Lost and Found and got it back. All drivers were very helpful with information and all service phone operators were helpful.
  • I have never seen such a dedicated employee who loves their job so much. Firstly, following all the rules and regulations and all the pandemic norms he makes sure that all of his passengers have a comfortable ride. His dealing with all the passengers is simply amazing.

Kudos for kindness

  • I would like to applaud your driver today on the 87 Cosburn route. An elderly man was getting off at East York Acres with his walker full of groceries. She put down the ramp for him to make it easier, but some of his groceries fell off. She quickly got out of her seat and helped him gather them up. She didn’t hesitate. Great job! 
  • The 925 Don Mills Express driver saw me running for the bus and at the last second stopped before he pulled off. He showed great compassion for my need, which reflects well on his character. He is an asset to your organization.
  • It makes me happy when this operator serves the 135 Gerrard route. He's always so pleasant and greets me. Love that he's serving our neighbourhood!
  • The driver on the 501 Queen route was so warm and friendly to passengers and other people at the stops. I was so impressed with his positive attitude and personality, and his willingness to help, as it really made a difference! Also thank you to all TTC drivers and operators who are doing essential work and keeping our city running during these trying times.

Right on time

  • This driver was so incredible. I was heading to an interview and had I missed the 24B Victoria Park bus I would have been late. Not only that, I told him where to get off, he acknowledged me when it was my stop. I wasn't sure where I should go and he directed me. He made my day and I know the other passengers felt so too.

Made my day 

  • The lady driving the 71 Runnymede bus was extremely friendly and helpful. She made my night better by having exceptional customer service and people skills.
  • Massive thanks to the 42 Cummer operator for being nice, friendly and kind to my kids and I and, for your patience with our double stroller every morning. You are the best operator ever. Thank you for being you and always making my day easy.
  • This is a compliment for the driver of the bus. His professionalism, willingness to help not only me but all the passengers that boarded the bus. A special Thank You for hiring drivers that have a passion for their work and help passengers avoid more stress especially during this COVID time.

All-star driver

  • I am contacting you regarding my extremely pleasant experience with a TTC operator, Justin. He is kind to all passengers and will do anything to ensure people are comfortable during their ride on the 509 Harbourfront. It is clear Justin loves his job and brings his best every day. He puts the customer and safety first! He is an amazing example of what the TTC represents.
  • Never have I seen a TTC employee with so much personality. Instead of waving he gives a "rock on" gesture and he's quite courteous to all passengers. We need more people like him in customer service.

Always improving

  • I would like to thank all involved at the TTC who ensured an elevator was installed at Runnymede subway station. We take a toddler in a stroller (and soon a second baby too) twice daily through the station so the elevator has made a very significant improvement to our lives! Thank you very much! Your work really makes a difference.
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