December 2020

Safety first

  • Really nice driver. Waited for a male who was running for the bus which was really good to see – he cares. He also thanked everyone for riding the TTC and wished us to be safe and enjoy our day. Hearing that made my day. He’s professional, kind and understanding of others. Well done.
  • Many thanks to TTC and the driver for helping my mother on and off the 63 Ossington bus at 8:15 p.m. on December 5, 2020. The TTC driver went out of his way to open the ramp manually, since it was frozen in cold weather and he was so pleasant to my mother. His action makes my family and I so proud of the TTC and their staff that they care so much about Torontonians during the pandemic and help my mother, especially in such a difficult time. Thank you TTC and thank you to the driver. We need more kindness and fantastic customer service such this.

Every day hero

  • I extend a HUGE thank you to all TTC staff for keeping our public transportation open during this pandemic! You are on the front lines, moving essential workers to their jobs at risk to yourselves. Wishing each of you a happy 2021!
  • I was moved by how the bus driver showed what kindness means. An older passenger was travelling alone and having difficulties. The driver told him his stop and also helped him cross the busy street of Eglinton and Birchmount. This shows that even while in a Pandemic, there’s still a lot of people that will go out of their way to help and be kind to other people. Thank you for all your hard work especially during these difficult times.
  • The driver (504 King) made an announcement reminding everyone that the weekend is coming up & to keep their chins up and to stay positive. Just wanted to let the driver know how much it meant to me to hear that on a particularly tough morning & how positively that small gesture will have impacted everyone who was on that streetcar this morning. I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t smiling under their mask.

Excellent customer service

  • TTC operator on Monday, November 30, around 7 p.m. at Humber loop on 66A trip waited for my mom to egress the streetcar to make her bus, missing a 20+ minute wait. She has health issues. Please commend this driver, she is awesome. More like her please!!!
  • The gentleman who drives the 86 Scarborough bus at this time, is a wonderful person. I see him a few times a week when I take my daughter to daycare on the bus (15 min ride) and he is always friendly and extremely helpful to all the riders. I’ve noticed on a few occasions where he has gone above to help someone and doesn’t hesitate to get off the bus and help too when needed. You need more drivers like him. My daughter says “bye grandpa” when we get off LOL
  • Driver is friendly to all passengers boarding bus (83 Jones), saying hello and making eye contact. Also saying have a good day. Very nice to see.

All-star driver

  • Good morning!! Whoever drives the 336 Finch West is awesome!!! Great customer service. Even better driving skills. Thank you.
  • Great Operator and person to talk with. His driving is great! Hope to commute with him again!
  • This bus operator (52 Lawrence West) was so friendly and helpful. I was having a hard time finding my way to my destination when I asked this driver for help. He was so approachable and happy to help. He made my TTC experience a 5 star today.
  • I just wanted to compliment the driver on this route (79 Scarlett Road) this morning. I have had her at least 3 times this week and each time she has been cordial and professional. She is a great driver and she keeps her riders informed if there is a delay.

Kudos for kindness

  • The 52 Lawrence West bus driver is so awesome! He has continued to show great gratitude and uplifting spirit. Every day at 5:10/5:15 he waits for us especially on cold and rainy evenings. We appreciate you very much and I hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • I would like to commend the gentleman who worked at the fare wicket at Runnymede Station. I am a senior and he was very kind and compassionate. Very good at customer service.

Always improving

  • It is regarding the subway closure and having to use the shuttle bus at Sheppard-Yonge Station.  So well organized, employees letting you know where to go, very polite when you ask. I was most impressed. Thank you.

Above and beyond

  • The 86 Scarborough bus driver was very helpful to two women who looked lost and took them to where they needed to be. He also helped me when I was trying to catch the bus. I have arthritis in both knees and he waited for me and was very pleasant. I meet a lot of nice drivers. The TTC is in good shape! I hope you let him know his pleasant demeanor did not go unnoticed. Have a good New Year!
  • The operator on 42 Cummer has been my driver for many board periods. He always greeted me with a “good morning” and a smile. Once masks became mandatory, he greeted with me with a wave as well. He also would wait for me while I was running on those mornings that I was a little slower than I should have been! It was very much appreciated. Thank you.

Made my day

  • Thank you TTC for your nonstop service and thanks to the employee driving the 68 Warden route, who is dressed up like Santa and bringing holiday happiness while riding us to work. Thank you once again.
  • It is regarding the subway closure and having to use the shuttle bus at Sheppard-Yonge Station.  So well organized, employees letting you know where to go, very polite when you ask. I was most impressed. Thank you.
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