July 2021

Always improving

  • My partner and I had a ride on the 54 Lawrence East electric bus. We think they are fantastic! Much smoother acceleration, deceleration and quieter. We noticed the USB charge points throughout the bus, very useful and clever. Driver was excellent. Very courteous and friendly. Well done TTC!

Made my day

  • The light at the corner had just gone green as I exited my workplace. After a long day on my feet I wasn't up to running to catch the bus. This amazing driver held the bus for me. What is likely a small thing to the driver is a huge thing to a rider. Please give the 11 Bayview driver a high 5 for this.
  • I would like to commend the 131 Nugget bus driver for a job well done. I always feel that she cares about my son's safety & that he'll have a pleasant experience. She knows her regular passengers. I can see & feel her passion for her job & care for her passengers. A true professional.
  • The 13 Avenue Road driver is the epitome of what all TTC staff should be. Professional, capable and personable. Thank you for a lovely, safe ride and amazing customer service! I’m naming my plant after him!

Above and beyond

  • A TTC employee has been a warm and friendly face to see on our morning walks by Finch Station these past few months. The few minutes she takes to chat to my toddler while on her break always puts him in a good mood. I would like her to be recognized for her continued customer service.
  • My son and I caught the 20 Cliffside bus to go to Day Camp and my 5-year-old forgot his backpack on the bus. He was very upset but I knew the bus would turn around so I waited at a northbound stop. The driver recognized me and held up the backpack before the doors were even open. Great job!

 All-star driver

  • The 53 Steeles East bus was about to move when the traffic light was turning green. She saw me hurrying up towards the vehicle and waited for me. When I boarded, she greeted me with a smile. Simple act but beyond satisfied! During the ride, she operated the vehicle smoothly without any quick brake; that makes me feel safe.
  • I just want to compliment this kind driver. I had the "luxury" of traveling on her 63 Ossington bus on two occasions. She is charming, helpful and a classy driver. She made my ride really enjoyable.
  • The 504 bus operator is amazing. He’s always polite, professional, kind, courteous and you can see his smile behind his mask when his eyes wrinkle at the sides. He never breaks suddenly, he lane changes smoothly, and he’s courteous to other drivers on the road.
  • The 19 Bay operator was a joy to ride with! Keep up the friendliness and great driving!
  • I would like to make a commendation to a certain Wheel-Trans driver. He gave us the best service. My brother is weak with a heart problem. The driver was very punctual, caring, polite, kind and ensured our utmost safety. He was so helpful and had the best attitude! His sunny disposition made our day great!

Kudos for kindness

  • Love the driver of the 504 King. So friendly! Waved enthusiastically at passengers as they got on! We blew kisses when we stepped off. Love him!
  • Had the pleasure to commute on my way home with the 89 Weston operator a couple times. He’s a nice guy and he says: “Have a goodnight,” to each commuter that exits the bus. Such a kind and courteous operator.
  • I was having a very hard day and a TTC employee at Donlands Station stopped to ask me if I was okay. They offered to help me and asked if I wanted to sit down. I’m so touched and grateful.

Neat and tidy

  • A TTC employee making rounds on Line 2 to clean up, came over and very kindly asked if we needed help loading our PRESTO cards. I’d like to thank him for being a customer service ambassador while doing his other duties. Oh, and the station? Pretty darn clean! Thank you for all that you do.

Excellent customer service

  • I want to compliment the 28 Bayview South bus driver. He was most pleasant and wished us a good day. This is one example of the great service bus drivers perform each day. Thank you!

Safety first

  • I appreciate the 512 St Clair streetcar operator waiting an extra minute for passengers to get on the streetcar safely and not rushing off.
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