January 2021

All-star driver

  • Operator on streetcar 503 Kingston Road is doing a great job. Nice and smooth driving.
  • Male, driver with black face mask. He is a regular 43C Kennedy driver. Just want to say he is very respectful, kind, conscientious person. He cares for his bus patrons a lot. Today he personally made sure a patron was aware of the route of 43C as it does not go further than Village Green. I was very impressed!

Life saver

  • I would like to thank the 36 Finch West driver who picked up my friend and called the police. She has dementia and wandered out on the coldest night this year. If he had not stopped, my friend might not be alive now. Please extend my gratitude to this driver.

Neat and tidy

  • Congratulations to the driver who started his shift today at Lawrence West Station towards Lawrence St. He took the time to clean all areas and greeted passengers!

Every day hero

  • Kudos to the wonderful 49 Bloor West bus driver who took the time and effort to help a stranded man with his scooter. He went beyond the call of duty to assist him. He helped to move the man to a shelter, and connected him to further assistance with his cell. Very heartwarming! Thanks to him!

Excellent customer service

  • Amazing service from the two ladies working at the photo place at Bathurst Station. They were friendly and very helpful.
  • Great driver, very pleasant and knowledgeable. We had a detour on the 70 O’Connor route and he made sure to communicate this to passengers so they got to where they should. Please hire more like him!

Kudos for kindness

  • I had the most enjoyable ride on the 89 Weston bus. The driver was courteous, thanked all for tapping and paying and was a good driver. Travelled smoothly with no sudden stops or lane changes. A real personable driver doing a good job. Thanks for the ride!
  • As the bus was pulling away from the stop the driver saw me running and waited for me. He showed compassion for my needs and it reflects well on him and your organization.

Made my day

  • Thank you for stopping when you saw me walking faster. My grocery cart was so full and the 86 Scarborough bus driver stopped a little before the stop to get me! I really appreciate it! It’s the small things that make someone’s day!

Above and beyond

  • Just wanted to acknowledge the operator on route 74A Mt Pleasant. He’s nice to everyone, goes above and beyond while driving the bus and is great to have on the route.
  • The 160 Bathurst North bus driver was very kind today. He was about to pull out from the terminal when he saw me running and waving. My friend and I, two senior women, each had a shopping cart and he graciously waited for us. We are grateful for his very nice actions. A great TTC employee.

Safety first

  • Thank you to the good driver of 25 Don Mills for making the bus stop very near the curb and lowering the bus so I can safely bring down my very heavy grocery cart.

Right on time

  • Always on time, very efficient and gets me to my destination in time for my connecting bus. Keep up the good work. (300 Bloor/Danforth)
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