April 2021

Every day hero

  • The driver of a 501L bus was gesturing wildly at me. I couldn't understand why. When I got to the other corner, I put my hand in my pocket and noticed my credit card was missing. The driver was trying to tell me I had dropped it coming out of a grocery store. I'm going to make a donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank on behalf of this driver. Thanks so much, whoever you are!
  • This morning an elderly man flipped over on a medical motorized scooter and was pinned under his scooter on the sidewalk, Not only did the driver stop to let me get to the elderly man, he pulled the 12 Kingston Road bus over to come assist and made sure we were alright. Please convey my deepest gratitude and how much this reflects the professionalism, community standards and values we expect from the TTC.

Excellent customer service

  • I just wanted the driver of the 6 Bay bus to know that he made my day with his generous offer to wait for a fellow essential worker to get home after a long shift. It’s been a tough year for all of us and that proved that we are still in this together!

Made my day

  • What a lovely fellow driving the midafternoon 161 Rogers Rd route. His cheerful, jovial manner and pleasant way of engaging with customers was a lovely pick-me-up, especially during the rough times we live in.

All-star driver

  • Thank you to a wonderful, safe, punctual and polite driver that I often used to see commuting from work on the 134 Progress in the mornings. I would like to compliment TTC for employing such great operators who show and maintain such high degree of professionalism in their daily jobs!
  • The driver lowered the 506 Carlton bus to allow my elderly father on with as little discomfort as possible. He also greeted us both with a friendly "Good morning!” During these unprecedented and challenging times, especially with the limited mobility of my father, I really appreciated this driver's exceptional customer service and I wanted to acknowledge him for it.
  • I would like to commend the actions of your  bus driver, JC, for his kindness to me yesterday, when I was riding on the 34 Eglinton East route. He is tidy and neat, expert in navigation and a great conversationalist. He is really an awesome driver.

Above and beyond

  • I just know his first name, Michael. The driver of 109 Ranee is professional, kind, communicative, dedicated, amazing. Since 2012, he’s always helping, listening, answering and of course driving us safely, giving the best of himself.
  • The 109 Ranee operator always goes above and beyond to help passengers and is extremely patient with the elderly and people who seem to be in some type of distress! Great hire!

 Always impriving

  • I would like to thank and commend the TTC  for putting on extra buses today on the 504 King route. It made me feel safe and with options.

 Kudos for kindness

  • Literally the nicest, funniest, most welcoming TTC employee I’ve ever met. Seems genuinely happy and drove the 501 Queen extremely well. I’ve taken some form of TTC to work every day for ten years and have never met such a lovely person. 
  • I have been delighted with your Line 1 Shuttle bus services from St. George subway to Queen’s Park station the last two weeks. I am an outpatient at Princess Margaret Hospital twice weekly. Your cheerful and helpful bus drivers and staff giving directions were clearly enjoying their work. Thank you very much.
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