Operating Statistics - 2014

The TTC Operating Statistics publication contains all the key facts and figures about the system’s performance in an annual period and is an invaluable quick reference when talking about the TTC’s achievements in service. The Operating Statistics are compiled by the Corporate Communications Department.

11. 2014 at a Glance

  • January 1: A new Support Person Assistance Card was introduced to permit one support person to travel with a fare-paying customer with a disability on a single fare.
  • February 19: City Council appointed Ward 9 York Centre Councilor Maria Augimeri as TTC Chair to a term of office expiring on Nov. 30. She replaced TTC Chair Karen Stintz.
  • March 3: The TTC launched a wayfinding signage trial at Bloor-Yonge Station using line numbers and colour-coding to identify Subway/RT lines.
  • March 30: The original Yonge Subway turned 60 years old. Canada’s first subway – and the first post-war subway to be built in North America – opened on March 30, 1954.
  • April 20: The TTC’s new, low-floor streetcar appeared in the Toronto Beaches Easter Parade accompanied by a CLRV, PCC and Peter Witt streetcar – the first time all four generations of the vehicles were seen together.
  • May: Blue priority seating was introduced on the new articulated buses. The blue-coloured seats began to appear on all vehicles to enhance the visibility of designated seating areas for persons with disabilities, the elderly and expectant mothers.
  • June 12: A commemorative plaque was unveiled at Wellesley Station to honour the diverse community hosting WorldPride 2014. The TTC also celebrated WorldPride with a special Family/Group weekend pass and a specially wrapped Pride bus.
  • July 7: The TTC’s online store, shop.ttc.ca, was launched, selling vintage posters, route maps and other merchandise.
  • July 11: Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver visited Hillcrest to announce a new 10-year gas tax agreement flowing more than $8 billion directly to Ontario municipalities for top infrastructure priorities.
  • August 18: Union Station second platform officially opens for service, doubling platform capacity at the station.
  • August 19: The TTC Board unanimously approved Opportunities to Improve Transit Service in Toronto, a report outlining nine bus and streetcar service initiatives that can be implemented in the short- to medium-term to improve the quality, reliability, comfort and convenience of transit service in Toronto.
  • August 31: The first, new accessible streetcars (#4400 and #4403) were launched into revenue service on the 510 Spadina route. The low-floor cars were operated by Eddie Braga and Anna Nisiewicz. The 510 became a proof-of-payment route and accessible to riders using wheelchairs and scooters.
  • November 24: Dufferin Station elevators entered service, making it the TTC’s 33rd accessible Subway/RT station.
  • November 30: New streetcars #4400 and #4404 were the first of two vehicles on the 510 Spadina route to be activated with PRESTO smart card technology.
  • December 3: City Council appointed Ward 15 Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Josh Colle as TTC Chair. He replaced TTC Chair Maria Augimeri.
  • December 8: New Toronto Mayor John Tory and new TTC Chair Josh Colle announced that proof-of-payment and all-door boarding would be effective on Jan. 1, 2015 on the 504 King, the TTC’s busiest surface route.
  • December 9: Seven elected Councillors appointed to the TTC Board were sworn in prior to the first meeting at City Hall.
  • December 16: Mayor John Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle announced expanded debit/credit payment for tickets, tokens and passes effective on Jan. 1, 2015.
  • December 19: Lawrence West Station elevators entered service, making it the TTC’s 34th accessible Subway/RT station.
  • December 31/January 1, 2015: For the second consecutive year, the TTC offered free New Year’s Eve rides courtesy of Corby Spirit and Wine.
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