Fare evasion

Not paying your fare is illegal and could result in you receiving a fine of up to $425.

The fares we collect help us limit fare increases, deliver service and maintain and our system. When you don’t pay your fare, you impact our ability to do this.

Fare evasion includes:

  • Illegal entry into a subway station through a bus bay
  • Entering a fare gate without paying (including pushing a gate, hopping over a gate, walking behind someone - also known as tailgating, or holding a gate open)
  • Boarding a bus or streetcar without paying
  • Using a fare type that you do not qualify for (child, youth, senior or post-secondary student)

Paying your fare on the TTC

You can pay your fare by cash, debit or credit card (including the cards loaded in your mobile wallet), TTC ticket, token or by using a PRESTO card with money or a monthly pass loaded onto it. You can also use a one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket, available from Fare Vending Machines at select subway stations, as well.

Don’t get caught without paying your fare. Do the right thing and pay your share!

Learn more about how to pay your fare on the TTC.

Learn more about Proof-of-Payment (POP) on the TTC.

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