Green Procurement

Sustainable forms of production and consumption

3. Green Procurement Policy

Policy & Implementation

In July 2008, the TTC approved a Green Procurement Policy that:

 “…directs the organization to continually improve purchasing decisions by integrating environmental considerations into every aspect of the purchasing process.”

 The Policy applies to:

“… all procurement activities related to facilities, construction, revenue and non-revenue vehicles, operations, administration, as well as other supporting activities.”

The Policy has four key objectives

1. Provide a framework for the purchase of environmentally preferred products and services that complement the formal purchasing practices set out in the Commission’s Procurement Policy.
2. Encourage the inclusion of environmental performance criteria into Commission supply chain procedures, processes and activities – where possible – as industry and technology advances become available.
3. Support the purchase of goods and services that will protect the environment, while maintaining best value for the Commission,
4. Promote a corporate culture at the Commission that recognizes and places a priority on environmental issues.

Implementation of the Policy

A Steering Committee has been managing the implementation of the new policy and program. Chaired by the General Manager of the Executive Branch, the Steering Committee is comprised of Department heads from Engineering & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Signals/Electrical/Communications, Safety, Information Technology Services and Procurement and Category Management. Procurement and Category Management also chairs a Green Procurement Working Committee comprised of representatives from the above Departments.

Current Progress & Achievements

Notable achievements and progress on activities undertaken since the implementation of the Green Procurement Policy include:

  • Recognized for Green Procurement Policy and Program with the Innovation Award at the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s (CUTA) 2011 Annual Conference;
  • Awarded the 2010 Leadership in Green Procurement Award from the Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC);
  • Developed Green Procurement Guides and Forms for buyers and user departments;
  • Trained 200+ staff across 14 departments on Green Procurement processes and tools;
  • Established 11 TTC-wide environmental standards;
  • Completed twelve pilot projects using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool; 
  • Incorporated environmental specifications into many TTC-wide contracts;
  • Launched a TTC-wide Paper Reduction Challenge in which 15 departments participated and reduced paper use by a combined 16% and saved $21,600; and
  • Executed three collaborative innovation projects with key vendors.

The TTC will continue to work with its key stakeholders in identifying innovative projects that will provide environmental benefits and cost savings for both vendors and the TTC.

The Commission will also continue to seek opportunities to encourage and influence markets for Environmentally Preferable Products through employee education and the adoption of innovative standards, specifications and contracts, while remaining fiscally responsible and ensuring the continued safe operation of the Commission.

TTC Green Procurement Policy and Documents

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