Green Procurement

Sustainable forms of production and consumption

1. Green Procurement

The TTC is supporting a growing movement within business and society towards more sustainable forms of production and consumption. Through the approval of its Green Procurement Policy in July of 2008, the TTC committed itself to purchasing environmentally preferable products and services in all of its operations where appropriate.

The Policy helps the TTC to ensure:

  • purchasing decisions consider green products that use less energy and water, create less waste and reduce emissions;
  • a safe and healthy workplace is maintained; and
  • its objectives to reduce energy, waste and improve air quality are met as part of its commitment to the City of Toronto’s Live Green efforts.

The TTC is committed to integrating green procurement into decision-making processes and adding innovative standards to its specifications and contracts. The content on this site is intended to publicly communicate TTC’s green procurement activities, provide access to additional resources, and open the floor to discussion of ideas and sharing of experiences.

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