Selling to the TTC

The TTC’s goal is to provide the safest, highest-quality public transportation in the world, and we need your help to do this. Each year the TTC purchases over $200 million in products and services. All businesses, regardless of size, are entitled to a fair and equal opportunity to provide products or services to the TTC. We want to hear from you if your business can meet the TTC’s needs for products or services, reliably and economically.

All purchases of goods and services for the TTC are processed through the TTC’s Procurement and Category Management. For general inquiries about goods and services we purchase, please send an e-mail to, and we will be pleased to answer your questions. This e-mail address is for procurement inquiries only and the TTC's Procurement and Category Management cannot ensure responses to non-procurement related issues. For general inquiries, please call TTC Customer Information at 416 393 4636.

For more information visit the Commission's Procurement Policy.

1. Bidding to the TTC:

There are two methods in which the TTC issues requests for tenders and requests for proposals (unless otherwise indicated below, the request for proposal process is the same as the request for tender process).

a)  Publicly Advertised Tenders:

Tenders estimated at more than $100,000 are publicly advertised on this Web site on the "Current Tenders" page and, in addition, requirements that are less than $100,000 may also be advertised. Generally, any requirement for construction, construction services, engineered equipment, revenue and non-revenue vehicles, may be publicly advertised even if estimated at less than $100,000. Requests for tenders will remain on the "Current Tenders" page for approximately two weeks following the tender closing date.

If the TTC chooses to also advertise in a newspaper or periodical the advertisement will appear for one day only. The TTC may also send out a notification to a list of companies extracted from the TTC’s Bidders List to advise them of the Request for Tenders.

The advertisement, regardless if it appears only on this Web site or also in a newspaper or periodical, will contain a tender title and number, a brief description of the work, the tender closing date and time, and, a contact name, phone number, fax number and e-mail address for enquiries.

b) Tenders Issued to a Bidders List:

For those requirements that are valued at $100,000 or less that are not publicly advertised as described in 1.a) above, the Commission maintains a Bidders' List for reference purposes. You must complete and submit a Company Questionnaire to be added to the Bidders' List.  Where there is a long list of potential bidders, the TTC rotates the bidders invited to bid.

2. Provisions

It should be noted that no member of the City of Toronto Council or Commissioner of the Toronto Transit Commission, or any officer or employee of a municipal corporation of the Toronto area, or of the Toronto Transit Commission is or shall become interested, directly or indirectly, as a contracting party, partner or otherwise in, or in the performance of the Contract or in the supplies, Work or business to which it relates, or in any portion of the profits thereof, or of any such supplies to be used therein, or in any of the monies to be derived therefrom.

3. Tender Openings:

Competitive tenders in excess of $100,000 are opened publicly on the Tender closing date at the time and location indicated in the Request for Tenders and any interested parties may attend.  All responses to Tenders that were estimated to be greater than $100,000 are available on this Web site and, in addition, responses to Tenders less than $100,000 may also be available on this Website, under "Tender Responses" normally within 1 day of the closing date. It should be noted that Proposals are not publicly opened and, therefore, only the Proponents' names are available until the time of award of contract.

4. How the TTC Evaluates Tenders:

The criteria used by the TTC to evaluate tenders is stated in the Request for Tenders and may vary depending on the nature of the Tender.

5. Four Important Points for Bidders:

Bidders must complete and sign the Form of Tender and include it in their submission in order to be considered.

Submission requirements noted in a Request for Tender Document must be submitted with the tender as required.  Failure to submit mandatory information required by the Tender Document could render the tender non-compliant and unacceptable.  Refer to the Bid Irregularities page for a listing of standard bid irregularities and potential response by the TTC.

The TTC normally requires a Performance Bond and Labour and Material Payment Bond for construction contracts estimated in excess of $200,000, but may also require similar bonding on contracts estimated at less than $200,000.

Unionized workers are required to perform work on applicable TTC construction sites.

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