Cross-boundary Travel Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline rules and expectations for customers regarding travelling outside of the City of Toronto by TTC Wheel-Trans customers.


The purpose of the Cross-boundary Travel Policy is to define the guidelines and rules regarding travelling outside of the City of Toronto by TTC Wheel-Trans customers. This includes defining the distance beyond the City of Toronto boundary that TTC Wheel-Trans will travel. This policy sets clear expectations for the eligibility, trip-booking and transfer windows for cross-boundary trips using specialized transit.


The policy applies to all TTC Wheel-Trans customers and customers transferring from the following Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) specialized transit services:

  • Durham Region Transit Specialized Services
  • York Region Transit Mobility Plus
  • Peel Trans-Help

Legislative Requirements

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005);

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ont. Reg. 191/11; and

Ontario Human Rights Code.


Cross-boundary travel refers to trips that require travelling outside the municipal boundaries of the City of Toronto.

Specialized Regional Transfer Points are accessible locations designated for customers transferring to and from other regional specialized transit services.
Transfer window refers to the period between the drop-off time of a customer by one specialized transit provider and the pick-up time of that same customer by another specialized transit provider.

TTC Wheel-Trans Service Area is the geographic area where TTC Wheel-Trans trips are made. This includes the City of Toronto and extends up to one (1) kilometre outside the city’s municipal boundaries. All distances are measured using the most direct and available street route driven by a TTC Wheel-Trans vehicle. Either the origin or destination of a cross boundary trips must be an address within the City of Toronto municipal boundary.


TTC Wheel-Trans service is available within the TTC Wheel-Trans Service Area. For travel to and from destinations more than one kilometre outside the City of Toronto’s municipal boundaries, a cross-boundary travel trip must be scheduled in advance to connect with one of the GTHA specialized transit agencies at a designated specialized regional transfer point.

If a customer is eligible for TTC Wheel-Trans, they are automatically eligible for the same level of service with any of the GTHA specialized transit service agencies. The customer must indicate on their eligibility application or by contacting Customer Service that they wish to have their information forwarded to another GTHA specialized transit service agency.

Customer Responsibility:

  1. Contacting the GTHA specialized transit agency to ensure their eligibility status is valid and active.
  2. Booking their Wheel-Trans trip(s) as well as making a separate call to book their trip(s) with the (GTHA) specialized transit agency(ies).
  3. Checking the service hours of other GTHA specialized transit agencies before booking a cross-boundary travel trip.
  4. Schedule your trip to arrive at the Specialized Regional Transfer Point at least 30 minutes before the GTHA specialized transit agency pick-up. On your return to the Specialized Regional Transfer Point, allow for at least 30 minutes before Wheel-Trans pick-up.
  5. Be familiar with the policies, rules and regulations of the GTHA specialized transit agencies (where applicable) prior to booking a cross-boundary travel trip.

Fare Payment

When transferring to and from another region, the customer must pay an additional fare in accordance with the other GTHA specialized transit service’s fare policy.


TTC Wheel-Trans also provides service to Lester B. Pearson International Airport. Related Documents

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