2023 Operating Statistics

The TTC Operating Statistics publication contains all the key facts and figures about the system’s performance in an annual period and is an invaluable quick reference when talking about the TTC’s achievements in service. The Operating Statistics are compiled by the Corporate Communications Department.

3. Wheel-Trans

As a division of the TTC, Wheel-Trans is responsible for door-to-door accessible transit service for people with physical functional mobility limitations who have the most difficulty using conventional transit services. Service is provided 24 hours beyond city limits to the airport, and to established boundary transfer points in order to co-ordinate trips with other accessible door-to-door transit services within the Greater Toronto Area.

Wheel-Trans Operating Statistics

Category 2023 2022 Increase/(Decrease)
Passenger Trips 3,002,002 2,261,952
Increase of 740,050
Average Daily Trips 8,225 6,197 Increase of 2,028
Kilometres Operated 25,089,795 20,554,183
Increase of 4,535,612
Scheduled Vehicle Service Hours 1,113,153 764,548
Increase of 348,605
Revenue Vehicles 1,906
1,684 Increase of 222
Number of Active Registrants 39,166
34,327 Increase of 4,839

Notes: Passenger Trips, Average Daily Trips, Kilometres Operated, Scheduled Vehicle Service Hours and Revenue Vehicles categories include 278 Wheel-Trans buses and contract vehicles (228 accessible taxis and 1,400 sedan taxis) operating during peak hours.
The Number of Active Registrants category refers to customers who have used the Wheel-Trans service at least once over the past 12 months.

Community Bus

Accessible, fixed-route bus service primarily focused on individuals who have some difficulty accessing the accessible-conventional transit system. Wheel-Trans registrants and seniors comprise the majority of customers served. However, all individuals are eligible for the service. 

Community Bus Operating Statistics

Category 2023 2022 Increase/(Decrease)
Passenger Trips 35,680 29,711 Increase of 5,969
Average Daily Trips 137 114 Increase of 23
Kilometres Operated 152,019 158,100 (Decrease of 6,081)
Scheduled Vehicle Service Hours 13,625 10,595 Increase of 3,030
Revenue Vehicles 7 7 0
Number of Routes 5 5 0

Community Bus does not operate on weekends and holidays.

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