Overnight construction to keep transit moving

Effective until further notice 

Why does TTC have to work overnight to repair subway tracks?

TTC is committed to providing safe and reliable transit. Towards that end, subway tracks are inspected on a nightly basis. To ensure safe subway service is provided, emergency track repairs can only occur when there is no service running overnight.

What steps is TTC implementing to minimize noise during urgent overnight subway track repairs?

To reduce noise impacts, TTC has made a change from gas powered equipment to hydraulic tools which generate noise at a much lower frequency.  This is crucial to reduce noise for our neighbours who live beside the tracks at open air areas - for example near Davisville Station. Subway infrastructure staff will ensure that TTC Customer Service and Community Relations is kept informed to the greatest extent possible as soon as any urgent tracks repairs are identified and resulting overnight work is scheduled.  Notices will be posted to the TTC construction website.

Why does TTC have to work overnight to reconstruct/repair streetcar tracks?

Streetcar tracks at major intersections are reconstructed as part of a 24-7 operation across Toronto in order to return regular transit and roadway access to the community and commuters as soon as possible. 
Pouring and installation of concrete and tracks is a 24-7 operation to ensure the concrete locks in the tracks effectively. If this isn't done on a 24-7 continuous basis the tracks could warp. There are several steps involved in installing streetcar tracks, beginning with the concrete base. TTC installs track on the base which is then followed by another layer of concrete. To preserve the integrity of the rail, overnight work is therefore required.

What steps does TTC implement to minimize noise during urgent streetcar track reconstruction?

The loudest work is excavation which involves the breaking of concrete. Contractors are not permitted to complete this work overnight.

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