King Station Capacity Enhancement Project - utility pits investigation

Effective February 26, 2024

What we are doing and why:

The TTC is currently planning for capacity enhancement at King Station to improve pedestrian flow and the overall customer experience. Construction for the King Station Capacity Enhancement Project is expected to begin in Q4 2026.  

Crews on behalf of TTC will be conducting early investigation work for the design phase of the King Capacity Enhancement Project starting as early as February 26, 2024. This includes cutting small holes in the sidewalks, daylighting existing structures and services below grade (using hydro-vacuum vehicles and equipment), recording/documenting their findings, and then backfilling the excavated holes with light-weight concrete and repairing the sidewalk with concrete or asphalt.

Approximate area of investigations

What to expect:

  • Noise and vibration can be expected for temporary periods. The work will be conducted during daytime (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) to minimize the effect of noise generated on adjacent properties.
  • A contractor’s vehicle will stop behind the location of each investigation pit as it is investigated, so a traffic lane will be temporarily closed. Traffic cones will be set up around the work area for safety.
  • There will be no interruptions to transit service as part of this investigative work.
  • At least one lane of traffic in each direction (northbound and southbound) on Yonge St. will be maintained at all times.
  • Pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks on Yonge St. adjacent to properties will be affected (requiring temporary diversions).


For further information:

Gurjeet Kaur, Senior Community Liaison Officer, 437-551-4407;

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