TTC seeking customer feedback on draft policies regarding Special Constable and Fare Inspector enforcement activities

Customers can complete this survey until February 14, 2024.

The TTC has drafted three proposed policies relating to Special Constable and Fare Inspector enforcement activities. The policies were developed in response to recommendations made by the Ombudsman Toronto in their report on April 20, 2017, called An Investigation into the Toronto Transit Commission’s Oversight of its Transit Enforcement Unit. The draft policies can be found below:

The TTC is seeking customer feedback on various themes of the policies including:

  • Interactions with TTC Special Constables and Fare Inspectors.
  • Use of Body-Worn Cameras and Special Constable In-Car Camera Systems.
  • Use of discretion concerning enforcement-related decisions.
  • Special Constable use of force.

Your feedback on the draft policies will be used to identify areas for improvement and will be integrated into a final report that will be presented to the TTC Board.

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