OPTO on a portion of Line 1 – seven days a week

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station to St George Station

We’re modernizing the TTC to serve you better. Starting November 21, 2021, One-Person Train Operation (OPTO) will be implemented seven days a week on the portion of Line 1 between VMC and St George stations. The rest of Line 1 (between St George and Finch stations) will continue using the legacy system.

OPTO was implemented on the portion of Line 1 between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) and St George stations on Sundays only since August 1, 2021.


The above image shows Line 1 and delineates the section where OPTO will be used (between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and St George stations) seven days a week starting November 21, 2021. The rest of Line 1, from St George to Finch, will operate using the legacy two-person system.

What is OPTO?

One-Person Train Operation (OPTO) is a modernizing step that allows the train Operator to perform all duties within the train cab. Updated technology will allow one crew member to safely drive the train and operate the doors. Major metropolitan cities have also migrated to OPTO: Paris, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Boston, Berlin, Madrid, Hong Kong and more.

In 2013’s TTC Corporate Plan, the TTC identified its OPTO implementation program, which included plans for migration to OPTO for all TTC subway lines.

  • Operators will monitor the platform using a screen in the Operator’s cab.
  • On Line 1, four cameras have been installed on each platform, providing the Operator with a clear, more consistent view of the entire platform.
  • Operators will have the ability to view the platform to determine when it is safe to close doors.

At the TTC, Line 3 has been OPTO since its inception in 1985. In October 2016, OPTO was implemented on the entirety of Line 4. It has since operated safely, reliably and efficiently on both lines.

For customers, the experience of riding on Line 1 will not change. Over time, technology combined with training will result in fewer safety-related incidents and delays, making subway operation more efficient and modernizing the transit system.

Passengers requiring assistance

All Operators are trained to assist passengers, including passengers with mobility devices. Operators will be equipped with a hand-held radio, allowing them to leave their cab to attend to passengers in need of assistance.

There will also be additional station staff (including station supervisors and subway supervisors) available to assist customers on subway platforms. The OPTO rollout, together with other organizational changes such as the rollout of the new stations model, will result in increased staff presence in stations.

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