Helpful advice for travelling on the TTC

Taking the TTC is the fastest, most economical way of travelling to many exciting destinations in the city. To ensure you have as smooth an experience as possible follow these tips to help you prepare your trip.

Here are some helpful tips and reminders that will make riding the TTC as smooth as possible.

Travel and safety tips

Remember these helpful tips as you’re travelling:

  • Wait for others to exit a bus, streetcar or subway before boarding.
  • Move to the back of the bus or streetcar or to the centre of the train. Don’t block the doors.
  • Take off your backpack and place it on your lap or on the floor.
  • When getting on a bus or streetcar on the street, only cross at intersections or pedestrian crossings, obey all crossing signals and remain visible to vehicles while crossing the road.
  • Wait for people using mobility devices to get on the bus, streetcar or subway first.
  • Remove your headphones in stations so you can hear announcements.
  • Never go down onto the track for any reason. If you drop something, such as your cell phone, leave it and tell a Station Collector or a uniformed TTC employee. They will make arrangements to retrieve it.

Watch this video on tips for riding a TTC bus:

Watch this video on tips for riding a TTC streetcar:

Watch this video on tips for entering a TTC station and riding a subway:

Safety and security:

If you need help at any point in your journey, here are some places you can go to or things you can do:

1. Go to the Designated Waiting Area (DWA): Every TTC station has a Designated Waiting Area (DWA) which is equipped with cameras, extra lighting and a telephone. They also have an assistance intercom with an emergency button which connects directly to TTC staff.

2. Push the emergency yellow strip: Located above the windows inside every subway train is the emergency yellow strip. If something happens that needs emergency medical, fire or police service, press this strip.

3. Speak to a TTC employee. TTC employees can be easily identified by their uniform or TTC crest. Employees include:

  • TTC Operators
  • Station Collectors are visible at the main fare line of all stations on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth, 3 Scarborough and 4 Sheppard and from Finch to Glencarin stations on Line 1 Yonge-University. They are there to verify payments and to help answer questions as needed.
  • Supervisors oversee management of their assigned stations. They are highly visible in stations and stations platform during morning and afternoon rush hours. They provide customer service and are trained to de-escalate any issues that may arise.
  • Mobile Supervisors move across the system in designated TTC vehicles, responding quickly to incidents and supporting the safe resumption of service after an incident happens. They also provide customer service and are trained to de-escalate issues.
  • Special Constables help patrol the TTC system on foot, TTC trains and TTC-branded vehicles. They are responsible for the safety and security for customers, employees and property.
  • Customer Service Agents are found at the main fare line at all Line 1 Yonge-University extensions from Vaughn Metropolitan Centre to Lawrence West stations. They are there to help answer any questions and provide help as needed.
  • Maintenance staff such as janitors and servicepersons work at various stations at different times, day and night, ensuring the system is clean and clear.

Watch this video on tips for entering a TTC station and riding a subway:

Paying your fare

Follow these tips to help you prepare your fare payment and identification requirements before you travel:

  1. Load your PRESTO card with funds or a monthly pass* in advance. You can do this:

    a. By using the PRESTO App available for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores
    b.Online at 
    c.By setting up Autorenew or Autoload 
    In person at a Fare Vending Machine at all TTC stations, at any Shoppers Drug Mart location or at the TTC’s Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station

  2. Set your PRESTO card to deduct the right fare: 
    1. Take your card, along with government issued identification, to any Shoppers Drug Mart location or the TTC’s Customer Service Centre and have it set to deduct a youth, post-secondary or senior fare. 
    2. If you are setting your card to deduct a post-secondary fare you must have your TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID card with you. You can purchase a card for $5.25 at the TTC’s Photo Identification Centre at Bathurst Station. You must be enrolled in a full-time degree or diploma program in a recognized Post-Secondary institution located within the City of Toronto. Find out if your school is one of the eligible post-secondary schools
  3. Purchase a one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket in advance. These are available at:
    a. Any Shoppers Drug Mart location
    b. The TTC’s Customer Service Centre 
    c. A Fare Vending Machine at all TTC stations
  4. Carry the proper identification with you
    a. Youths ages 13-15 are not required to carry identification.
    b. Youths ages 16-19 are required to carry a driver’s license, Ontario Photo Card or High School Photo ID card for the 2023-2024 school year. 
    c. Seniors ages 65+ are required to carry a TTC Senior Photo ID card, driver’s license or Ontario Photo Card. 
  5. Obtain your Proof-of-Payment
    a. Your tapped PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket is your Proof-of-Payment. You must tap every time you board a vehicle on the street or when you enter a station through the fare gates. 
    b. If you pay your fare by cash, TTC ticket or token, you must get a paper transfer from the Operator on a bus, from the Fares and Transfers Machine on a streetcar or from the transfer machine in the subway station, just pass the fare line after you pay. 

You must be prepared to show your Proof-of-Payment to TTC staff at any point in your journey. 

Watch this video on how to pay a youth fare on the TTC:


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