Bike access and amenities

We’re improving accessibility and adding amenities at TTC subway stations, making it easier to cycle as part of your journey.

With support from the Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund and the City of Toronto, the TTC is adding bike amenities at TTC subway stations, making it easier to cycle as part of your journey. Installation of the following new bike amenities began last year and will continue into 2021:

  • Additional TTC bike posts and rings at 30 subway stations.
  • Two-tier bike racks at select subway stations, making it easier to load and unload bikes and provide added capacity.
  • New bike repair stands and toolboxes located at various stations to expand on the existing repair stand network.

TTC bike repair stops

Self-service bike repair stops have been installed at subway stations across the TTC. This will allow customers to complete minor bicycle on the go.

Repair equipment is secured by steel cables and includes wrenches, Allen keys, screw drivers, a bike pump and a wheel chock.

The bike repair stations are available at 29 stations. More will be added at other stations later this year. Check out the station features section on your station page for more information. If a station has a repair stop it will have a bike icon on it.

Easier access

“Easier access fare gates” help cyclists enter and exit TTC subway stations. Channels have been installed along the wall of the stairs at Pape and Dufferin stations to make it easier for people to roll their bikes down to the platform level. These channels will be built into new stations. The TTC is reviewing the feasibility of retrofitting existing stations with these channels.

All subway station will have elevators installed by 2025. 

Bike Share Toronto

Bike Share Toronto, managed by the Toronto Parking Authority, is a network of 6,850 bicycles and 625 stations located throughout the city, many of which are in the vicinity of TTC stations.

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