TTC service changes to improve service and accommodate construction

Starting this Sun., June 18, the TTC is introducing new schedules to accommodate essential construction, align service with ridership demand, improve reliability, and increase seasonal access to key city attractions.


Among the adjustments being made:


  • Increased weekend subway service on Line 1 Yonge-University


  • 200 Toronto Zoo seasonal service will run every 20 minutes, from 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., to better align with Toronto Zoo operating hours


  • 201 Bluffer’s Park seasonal weekday service will begin on Mon., June 19, and will operate approximately every 20 minutes from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., to accommodate increased travel demand during the summer season


  • 202 Cherry Beach will be extended into the late evening on Sundays and holidays to better serve events in the Cherry Beach area


  • 203 High Park seasonal service will be reintroduced in the mornings and afternoons on weekends and holidays to accommodate increased summer ridership, with buses arriving every 20 minutes


  • A new bus route, the 184 Ancaster Park, will run between Wilson Station and the Ancaster neighbourhood, matching capacity to demand and replacing the 120 Calvington along Maniza Rd., Powell Rd., Ancaster Rd., Gilley Rd. and Garratt Blvd.


Also beginning Sun., June 18, several construction projects in the east end of the city will impact TTC bus and streetcar service. The TTC is working hard to ensure that customers have as many options as possible to get to and from their destinations safely.


  • There will be no 504/304 King or 505 Dundas service at Broadview Station, or between Sumach St. and Broadview Station. Customers can take the 72A Pape from Pape Station to King St. E. and Parliament St. to connect to a 504 King streetcar. The 304 King bus will be extended to Pape Station.


  • 72A Pape will be extended to King St. E. and Parliament St. from Pape Station. Service along this route will be increased for frequent travel between King St. and Parliament St. and Pape Station.


  • The 100 Flemingdon Park will divert from Broadview Station to Pape Station and continue south to King and Parliament.


  • The 8 Broadview, 62 Mortimer and 87 Cosburn will continue to service Broadview Station.


  • The 8 Broadview route will also be extended to Warden Station via O’Connor Dr. and St Clair Ave. E., replacing the 70C Coxwell route.


  • 22 Coxwell bus service will be temporarily suspended. The 31 Greenwood, which currently operates to/from Coxwell Station, will be extended to Coxwell Ave. and Queen St. Service on the 31 Greenwood will be increased.


  • The 322 Coxwell Blue Night bus will temporarily divert via Danforth Ave., Greenwood Ave., and Queen St. E.


  • 506C Carlton replacement buses will detour via Greenwood Ave., Danforth Ave., and Coxwell Ave., serving Greenwood and Coxwell stations on street.


  • There will be no service on Coxwell Ave. between Upper Gerrard St. E. and Queen St. E. as well as on Gerrard St. E. between Greenwood Ave. and Coxwell Ave.


  • The bus/streetcar loop at Main Street Station remains closed for critical structural rehabilitation work until September 2023.


TTC staff are on-hand at Broadview, Pape, Main Street and Coxwell stations to advise customers of the upcoming changes, as well as alternate routes.


The TTC will also continue to monitor service in real time and have additional, unscheduled vehicles available across all modes to fill gaps in service when and where possible.


Full details of the service adjustments coming into effect this Sunday are available at
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