Express Network

New routes starting in September and October 2018
The TTC has expanded its network of express buses, making it easier for you to move across the city – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Starting in September and October, we’re introducing six new express routes and making improvements throughout the network.

These changes are part of a plan to address overcrowding on Line 1 and over 30 bus routes. Learn more about the fall 2018 capacity improvements.
Easy. Expanded. Express.

You can identify an Express Network route by looking for green route number "lozenges" on TTC stop markers, maps and signs throughout the city.

On stop markers, you’ll also find a badge indicating that a stop is served by an Express Network route.

New express routes:

  • 902 Markham Rd Express (Sept. 2)
  • 913 Progress Express (Sept. 2)
  • 929 Dufferin Express (Oct. 7)
  • 937 Islington Express (Sept. 2)
  • 952 Lawrence West Express (Oct. 7)
  • 989 Weston Express (Oct. 7)

In addition, starting September 2, service will be extended between Sheppard West Station and Weston Road on the 984 Sheppard West Express (replacing the 84E Sheppard West), and a new 985B Sheppard East Express branch operating between Don Mills Station and Meadowvale Road will be added during peak periods to the 985 Sheppard East Express (replaces 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket).

Starting October 7, the 939 Finch Express (formerly 199 Finch Rocket) will operate in the daytime on weekends between Finch Station and Finch West Station. 

Other Express Network changes:

Many existing express routes will also be renumbered to a 900-series number to distinguish them from other bus and streetcar routes.

Changes Effective September 2, 2018:

New express routes

902 Markham Rd Express

913 Progress Express

937 Islington Express

Enhanced and renumbered routes

984 Sheppard West Express (Replaces 84E Sheppard West, with peak period service extended between Sheppard Station and Weston Road, via Sheppard West Station.)

985 Sheppard East Express (Replaces 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket. A new 985B Sheppard East Express branch will operate during the peak periods between Don Mills Station and Meadowvale Road.)

Renumbered routes

905 Eglinton East Express (Formerly 198 U of T Scarborough Rocket)

925 Don Mills Express (Formerly 185 Don Mills Rocket)

927 Highway 27 Express (Formerly 191 Highway 27 Rocket)

935 Jane Express (Formerly 195 Jane Rocket)

939 Finch Express (Formerly 199 Finch Rocket)

954 Lawrence East Express (Formerly 54E Lawrence East)

960 Steeles West Express (Formerly 60E Steeles West)

Changes effective October 7, 2018: 

New express routes

929 Dufferin Express

952 Lawrence Express

989 Weston Express

Renumbered routes

924 Victoria Park Express (Formerly 24E Victoria Park)

Changes effective November 18, 2018:

Renumbered routes

900 Airport Express (Formerly 192 Airport Rocket)

903 Kennedy-Scarborough Centre Express (Formerly 131E Nugget)

941 Keele Express (Formerly 41E Keele)

944 Kipling Express (Formerly 188 Kipling South Rocket)

995 York Mills Express (Formerly 95E York Mills)

Changes scheduled for early 2019:

Renumbered routes

945 Kipling Express (Formerly 45E Kipling)

953 Steeles East Express (Formerly 53E replaced by 953B, and 53F replaced by 953A Steeles East)

986 Scarborough Express (Formerly 86E Scarborough)

996 Wilson Express (Formerly 186 Wilson Rocket)

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