Restricted Bidders List

Up-to-date list of restricted bidders.
  • British Auto Supply Co. Ltd. (VN009158)
  • Artisan Print Limited, formerly Artisan Screen Print Ltd. (also known as Artisan Complete) VN017611
  • Nikaldi Sportwear (VN020652)
  • Toronto Insights (Market Dimensions Inc.)(VN020656)
  • Cloke Kirby Construction Ltd.
  • IPAC Paving Ltd.
  • MN Dynamic Construction Ltd. 
  • National Envelope Corporation (VN021352)
  • Specbilt Enterprises Inc. (VN021131)
  • Struct-Con Construction Ltd.
  • ExpoxReady/SJI Media – SJI Media (VN021342)
  • Novaquip Lifting Systems Inc. (Restriction applies only to on-site installation work only.  Restriction does not apply to Supply only contracts or when Novaquip is acting as a Sub-Contractor)

  • Century Group Inc.
  • Bondfield Construction Company
  • TORCOM Construction Inc.
  • Aplus General Contractors Corp.
  • Martinway Contracting Ltd. (Martinway)
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