Packing, Shipping and Delivery Requirements

1 General

1.1 No over shipments will be accepted without the prior written approval of TTC.

1.2 The following shall apply to all products delivered to TTC:

1.2.1 Packing slips to accompany all shipments and TTC shipping labels, if applicable. 

1.2.2 The purchase order number shall be clearly marked on all bills of lading, packing slips, shipping labels, and any other shipping documents (e.g., waybill).

1.2.3 Packing slips and shipping labels shall include the following: Purchase order number. Line number on the purchase order. TTC part number (if applicable) and manufacturer part number. Product description in accordance with the purchase order.

1.2.4 If multiple orders are delivered in one shipment (packaged in the same pallet, crate, or shipping unit), the packing slip for the shipment must indicate the total number of packages, boxes, etc., of each order that make up the shipment.

1.2.5 Products must be properly packaged and delivered in good condition to the required delivery site in accordance with the contract. All pallets, crates, or shipping units shall provide for a stable load when transported and while at rest. 

1.3 The shelf life or expiry date of each product must be clearly identified on each package.

1.4 A company delivering products to TTC shall obtain proof of delivery from TTC by recording the date and time of delivery, and the name, badge number and signature of the TTC employee who receives the delivery. 

1.5 A company delivering products to TTC is required to wear safety shoes, and safety eyewear where applicable. If the company is using a third party delivery service, the company shall notify the third party delivery service of this requirement.

2 Pallet Requirements

2.1 The following shall apply to all products delivered on pallets to TTC:

2.1.1 The pallets must have a strong spine, underside bracing, and be of durable and sturdy construction, and strong enough to support the load of the products. 

2.1.2 4 way Stringer style pallets of hardwood or equivalent lumber.

2.1.3 The standard pallet size is 48" X 40" with each deck board being 3 ½" wide 5/16" thick. 

2.1.4 No broken boards or protruding fasteners allowed.

2.1.5 Minimal gaps between the deck boards.

2.1.6 Allow for safe transportation by a forklift.

2.2 Block style pallets are unacceptable unless otherwise agreed in writing by TTC.

3 Drum Requirements 

3.1 Products packaged in drums delivered to TTC are to be on the pallets outlined in 2.1.

3.2 Loading the drum:

3.2.1 Keep the load as close to the center as possible (i.e., no overhang of the load).

3.2.2 Multiple drums must be bundled tightly together using the least amount of pallet surface area.

3.3 Strapping the drum:

3.3.1 Strap multiple drums together first. 

3.3.2 Use edge or corner protectors under the strapping and drum.

3.3.3 Keep strapping as close to the drum sides as possible. This may require running the strapping between deck boards instead of out to the edge of the pallet.

3.4 If products are packaged in pails (as opposed to drums) the instructions in this item 3 apply, as applicable. 


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