Website accessibility: Using the keyboard commands for the calendar feature

On certain parts of TTC’s website, such as the Service Advisory pages, a calendar feature is used to help customers review past or upcoming information. Customers using a keyboard to navigate our site can use the following keyboard commands to use this calendar feature: 

For PC Keyboards

 Move to the previous month. 
PAGE DOWN: Move to the next month. 
CTRL + ALT + PAGE UP: Move to the previous year. 
CTRL + ALT + PAGE DOWN: Move to the next year.
CTRL + HOME: Open the date picker if closed. 
CTRL + HOME: Move to the current month. 
CTRL + LEFT: Move to the previous day. 
CTRL + RIGHT: Move to the next day. 
CTRL + UP: Move to the previous week. 
CTRL + DOWN: Move to the next week. 
ENTER: Select the focused date. 
CTRL + END: Close the date picker and erase the date. 
ESCAPE: Close the date picker without selection.
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