Comments and Feedback Summary

Over 570 comments and suggestions were submitted by customers

TTC staff distributed comment forms during the Forum so that people could provide comments and suggestions on ways to improve the accessibility and convenience of TTC services. Some of these questions were summarized and read by the facilitator at the meeting. An online survey was also conducted and feedback was solicited through use of the #TTCAccess twitter hashtag during the Forum. Several customers also provided feedback through the TTC Customer Service Centre and via email.

In total:

  • 47 people spoke during the open mike portion of the Forum
  • 71 hard copy questionnaires were received
  • 60 “assistance cards” with questions were submitted during the forum
  • 119 responses were received to the online survey
  • 48 people called or emailed TTC Customer Service
  • Over 20 people participated in the conversation on Twitter
  • 40 people watched part or all of the livestream

59% of customers who submitted a questionnaire at the Forum were Wheel-Trans users, with 12% using conventional transit and 29% using both.

In total, 321 submissions were received from customers. As many attendees commented on more than one issue, the total number of individual comments received was 572. Comments generally suggested ways to improve operating procedures (27% of all comments), improve training for TTC staff (7%), improve vehicle designs (10%), invest in more service (9%), provide better information for customers (9%), improve fares and policies (3%), improve the Public Forum (10%), or other changes (12%). About 12% of comments were commendations for the TTC or TTC staff. These comments have been reviewed by TTC staff and the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit to follow-up on the suggestions received.

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