Travelling with Infants & Children Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline rules and expectations for travelling with infants and children on TTC Wheel-Trans.

Policy Statement

The Travelling with Infants & Children Policy defines the guidelines and rules for travelling with infants and children on TTC Wheel-Trans. This includes setting clear expectations for the safe travel and usage of child restraint systems.

The guidelines within this policy are applicable regardless of whether the child is a customer of Wheel-Trans or a dependent of a customer of Wheel-Trans.


This policy applies to TTC Wheel-Trans customers and Support Persons who are travelling with an infant or a child and the parents/guardians/support persons of all TTC Wheel-Trans customers who are infants/children.

Legislative Requirements

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005);

Ontario Regulation 191/11, Integrated Accessibility Standards, Part IV, Transportation Standards;

Highway Traffic Act, Regulation 613. and

Public Vehicles Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.54


Children are defined as persons who are 12 years of age or younger, and/or weigh more than 9 kilograms or 20 pounds.

Infants are defined under the Highway Traffic Act as children who weigh less than 9 kilograms or 20 pounds

Parent or Guardian is defined as an adult 18 years or older who is responsible for the care of an infant/child travelling on TTC Wheel-Trans.

Support Person is an individual who assists a person with a disability with communication, mobility, personal care/medical needs or with access to goods, services or facilities.


  1. All infants/children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or support person; children 12 years of age or younger are not permitted to travel alone on TTC Wheel-Trans.
  2. All persons with disabilities, including children, are eligible to apply for a Support Person Assistance Card.
  3. Infants and children who are not Wheel-Trans customers need to be identified at the time of booking in order to ensure that there is adequate space on the vehicle.
  4. Children who are travelling with a mobility device will be secured in accordance with the Travelling with Mobility Aids Policy.
  5. Children who are able to independently sit upright will be required to occupy their own seat, utilizing the seat belt for the entire duration of the trip. The use of a child booster seat is not permitted.
  6. Infants must be removed from their car seats as Wheel-Trans vehicles do not have child restraint systems to safely secure infants while in a car seat.
  7. Infants are required to be held on the lap of a parent/guardian or support person. The securement belt will be around the parent/guardian, and not around the infant.

    If the parent is travelling without a support person and cannot physically hold an infant on their lap; the infant may remain in a stroller if the following criteria are met:

    1. The stroller has a solid frame construction which allows for securement using a four-point system (two belts in front, two belts in the rear).
    2. The stroller is equipped with a five-point harness which is properly secured around the child.

      Umbrella Style", light weight or any stroller thought to be in poor repair will not be secured with an infant seated in them.

  8. Operators can refuse to secure a stroller with a seated infant travelling in it if they feel there is a safety risk.

    Should this occur, the trip will be cancelled. Customer Service will follow-up with the customer to make arrangements to have the stroller assessed for approval or to be deemed permanently unacceptable. A parent or guardian may also call Customer Service if they are unsure whether or not their stroller is safe to secure while travelling on TTC Wheel-Trans.

  9. Parents or guardians are responsible for the care of, and the governing of the behaviour of their infant/child at all times while travelling on TTC Wheel-Trans. If parents or guardians are unable to assume responsibility for the care of the child as a result of their disability, then they are required to have a Support Person with them on all trips where the infant/child is present.
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