Service Disruption & Irregular Operations Policy

This policy outlines protocol for communicating with our customers about unexpected circumstances whereby the services of Wheel-Trans are interrupted.

Policy Statement

TTC Wheel-Trans is committed to delivering safe, on-time services. TTC Wheel-Trans’ ability to deliver service could be impacted by a disruption or emergency, whether planned or unplanned.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the protocol for communicating with our customers in the event of a service disruption or irregular operations situation.


The policy applies to all registered customers of Wheel-Trans.


Wheel-Trans’ Customer Service, Reservations and Dispatch staff are responsible for executing the policy. Wheel-Trans’ Assistant Manager(s) of Customer Service, Reservations and Dispatch are responsible for ensuring correct application of the policy.

Legislative Requirements

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005);

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ont. Reg. 191/11; and

Ontario Human Rights Code.


A TTC Wheel-Trans Service Disruption is defined as an unexpected circumstance whereby the services of Wheel-Trans are interrupted.

TTC Wheel-Trans Irregular Operations is defined as a circumstance whereby Wheel-Trans remains operating but under a different than normal service provision. This may be a planned or unplanned event.

Routine Emergencies are defined as unexpected emergencies that do not require involvement beyond TTC Transit Control.
Large-Scale Emergencies are defined as emergencies that can last up to several days and span across the entire organization; they are beyond the routine emergency response capabilities of the TTC.

Provincial, Municipal or External Emergency is defined as an emergency that is declared by the City of Toronto Emergency Operations Centre and may require the TTC to act as a participant in a large scale emergency response plan.

Outbreak is defined as a localized increase (e.g. in an institution, or a specific ward or floor within an institution) in the rate of infection or illness, above that which is expected. Case definitions for institutional outbreaks are provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, in the Ontario Public Health Standards.


Wheel-Trans acknowledges that any type of interruption to Wheel-Trans services can be challenging and inconvenient for our customers. To minimize any inconvenience, Wheel-Trans commits to keeping customers informed.

  1. Wheel-Trans will provide customers with as much notice as possible in the event of any disruptions that result in any irregular operations of Wheel-Trans services. Wheel-Trans will provide as much information as possible including:
    1. the reason for the disruption
    2. the length of the disruption
    3. any alternative accommodations (if possible).
  2. Wheel-Trans will notify customers of disruptions via each of the following channels:
    1. Automated call out to all registered customers
    2. Twitter announcement on @TTCNotices
    3. Service announcement on
    4. Notification to all in-service Wheel-Trans Operators
    5. Notification to all contracted service providers via Wheel-Trans Dispatch
  3. For any large scale emergencies, municipal, provincial or external emergencies, Wheel-Trans will defer to the TTC Corporate Emergency Plan for Command and Control.
  4. TTC cannot provide any financial reimbursement or any other remuneration for customers who incur a personal cost due to a service disruption or irregular operation. i.e. TTC cannot reimburse customers if they are required to take a taxi or private transportation as a result of a service disruption.
  5. When the service disruption is resolved Wheel-Trans may need to prioritize trips for life sustaining treatments, prior to resuming normal service standards.
  6. Outbreaks at public facilities where Wheel-Trans customers travel to and from:
    1. An outbreak is enforced when a Toronto Public Health Notice is posted on the front door of a location.
    2. Wheel-Trans has protocols set-up at each facility to advise and communicate to customers and operators.
    3. Wheel-Trans will assess each customers need on an individual bases.
    4. Whether or not a customer is permitted to travel to and from the facility is determined by the designated Infectious Control Representative from the facility.
    5. Wheel-Trans will provide referral information for alternative transportation options if needed by the customer.


If Wheel-Trans services are affected in any way by extreme or severe weather, please defer to P-WT-CS-125 Severe Weather Policy.
Additional potential reasons for service interruption include:

  • Breakdowns
  • Personal injury
  • Customer injury
  • Bus/Auto collisions
  • EMS Transferees request-  Wheel-Trans dispatch will assist when there is a ride available.
  • Toronto Police Transferees request- Wheel Trans dispatch will asssit when there is a ride available.

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