Late cancellation and No-Show Policy

The Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy has been revised to put customers first.

Effective September 7, 2017

The purpose of the Late Cancellation and No-Show policy is to define the guidelines and rules surrounding late cancellation, no-show and cancel-at-the-door occurrences by Wheel-Trans customers.

The policy’s goal is to encourage consideration among customers when booking/cancelling their trips because of the adverse consequences associated with late cancellation, no-show and cancel-at-the-door occurrences.

Helpful Definitions

  • A Late Cancellation (LC) occurrence is defined as any booked trip that is cancelled less than four hours’ before the scheduled pick-up time. This includes trips that are booked as a same-day trip request.
  • A Cancel-at-the-Door (CAD) occurrence is defined as any booked trip that is cancelled after the Wheel-Trans vehicle has arrived at the pick-up location.
  • A No-Show (NS) occurrence is defined as any booked trip where the Wheel-Trans vehicle arrives at the pick-up location and the customer is not present.
  • Life Happens Points are points that customers use in the event of LC, CAD and NS occurrences. 
  • A Violation occurs when a customer uses more than 8 Life Happens Points in a month. This can happen through any combination of LC, NS or CAD occurrences.


  1. Wheel-Trans understands that "life happens" and there are circumstances that are beyond the control of its customers. Therefore, each Wheel-Trans customer will receive a total of 8 Life Happens points per month.
  2. Customers are expected to make every possible attempt to cancel booked trips that are no longer needed or cannot be used at least four hours in advance of their scheduled pick-up time.
  3. Each LC occurrence uses 1 Life Happens point. If a customer has more than one LC occurrence on the same day, only 1 Life Happens point is used for the combined LC occurrences that day.
  4. Each NS and CAD occurrence uses 2 Life Happens points, regardless of whether a customer has multiple NS or CAD occurrences on the same day.
  5. Each month every customer starts with 8 Life Happens Points. Points that are not used by a customer in a given month, will not be carried over to the following month. Points will not be accrued.
  6. If a customer cancels the first part of their booked trip, the return part of the trip is automatically cancelled if it was booked at the same time, with the same trip ID.
  7. If a customer has a NS or CAD occurrence, all booked trips with the same trip ID are automatically cancelled.
  8. When a customer uses more than 8 Life Happens Points in a month it is considered a Violation.
  9. Each time a customer has a Violation within a 12 month period, the following actions may be triggered

Type of violation


First month with a violation

Letter is sent to customer as a first violation advisory and reminder of the policy

Second month with a violation

Customer receives a 7-day suspension of Wheel-Trans service

Third month with a violation

Customer receives a 14-day suspension of Wheel-Trans service

Fourth month with a violation

Customer receives a 30-day suspension of Wheel-Trans service

Fifth month with a violation (or more)

Customer receives a 60-day suspension of Wheel-Trans service

10. When a customer has no violations for a consecutive 6-month period, their  record is reset and the next subsequent violation, if any, will be treated as a first violation as per the chart above. 
11. Customers whose Wheel-Trans service is suspended under the Policy, may be approved for medical trips at the discretion of TTC/Wheel-Trans.
12. Customers who receive a 30 day suspension or more under the Policy in a 12-month period, may be required to complete a travel management plan with a supervisor.


The following circumstances describe when a LC, NS or CAD occurrence will be exempted under the LCNS Policy:

  • If the Wheel-Trans vehicle is more than 20 minutes late; and
  • If there is a Wheel-Trans snow/ice contingency declaration in effect.
  • LC, NS or CAD occurrences may be waived under the LCNS Policy due to other circumstances including, but not limited to, the following:
  • If there is an unplanned construction or road closures that would prevent a customer from travelling to their destination;
  • If the customer experiences a sudden medical emergency;
  • If there is an unplanned building closure preventing the customer from attending the destination; and
  • If Wheel-Trans made an error such as the vehicle went to the wrong pick-up location or landmark. If a customer would like to request that a LC, NS or CAD occurrence be waived, they must contact customer service by phone at 416-393-4111 or email at Each waiver request will be considered on an individualized basis.  


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