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Will people with disabilities receive ID cards and discounted fares?

We are considering this but it is not our decision. It will be up to the TTC Board and Toronto City Council.

What provisions do you make for budget, especially in light of what is going about with Subway and LRT? Are you part of what is going on with Toronto and are you limited in allocation?

When we looked at the number of customers that we have now with physical disabilities, added the aging population and considered the increase in applicants based on the AODA’s expansion of the definition of disability, we knew we needed to develop a new service model. The Family of Services model is an outcome of that analysis and achieves the financial sustainability that we require to deliver services to our customers in the long term.

Procurement of new Wheel-Trans vehicles is completely separate from subway and LRT procurement so there is no impact from delays in those contracts. We are currently working with Metrolinx which plans to obtain new vehicles to be shared amongst several transit organizations; Wheel-Trans will be allocated approximately half of these new vehicles.

We encourage you to go to the (ADD INTERNAL LINK HERE) and the associated YouTube video for additional detail.

When are you going to have accessibility in Leslieville?

It is part of the 10-year strategy. If there are physical or environmental barriers that prevent you from using part of the system, Wheel-Trans services are available.

When do you plan to phase out the current Wheel-Trans vehicles? What will you replace them with and what is the capacity.

We are currently in the process of procuring new vehicles. They will be smaller in size, with the capacity to hold three customers and their support devices. We hope to have several of these vehicles in service in 2017 and the remainder of our fleet will be replaced by 2020.

Do you have a definite plan for ten years? Do you have the budget to deal with it or do you have to fight every year.

Yes, we went to the TTC Board in February with a strategy in principle, which they approved. This includes support of our budget request for project elements over the next 3 years. We have met with every TTC Board member and some city councillors to make sure they are aware of the benefits of this strategy and to make sure they approve the budget.

We encourage you to review the (ADD INTERNAL LINK HERE) and the associated YouTube video for additional detail.

What if increased funding needed is not available? Or what if TTC is not fully accessible by 2025 and Family of Services is not ready. How will Wheel-Trans handle the increase in customers?

We have met with every TTC Board member and some city councillors to make sure they are aware of the benefits of this strategy and to make sure they approve the budget.

Can my spouse use my Support Person card?

If your spouse is your support person then they are covered by your card. If your spouse requires a support person to travel then they must apply for their own TTC Support Person Assistance Card.

Can the CNIB pass be transferable to other regions (Durham, York etc.)?

The use of the CNIB card on the TTC is an arrangement between the CNIB and TTC and as such is not transferable. Implementing a similar arrangement between the CNIB and other regional transit providers is for those regions and CNIB to address. In some cases such programs may already exist.
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