Helpful definitions

Terminology that may be helpful for Wheel-Trans customers

ACAT: ACAT or the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit was established as an advisory committee to provide a mechanism for ongoing public participation in decisions affecting accessible transportation in the City of Toronto. The Committee is comprised of volunteer members and reports to the Board of the Toronto Transit Commission.

Accessible taxi (minivan): Contracted minivans with ramps that provide trips for Wheel-Trans customers.

Accessible buses: buses on fixed routes that have ramps or lifts to accommodate customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers or other mobility devices. All TTC buses are accessible.

Accessible subway station: subway stations with elevators to accommodate customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers, bundle buggies or other mobility devices.

Arrival: the time you want to be at your destination.

Automated touch-tone service: telephone service that allows you to use your touch-tone phone to book or cancel trips (RideLine 416-397-8000).

Call-out service: Wheel-Trans automated telephone call that provides you with your trip information.

Cancelled at door: customer cancels a trip when the driver arrives for pick-up.

Companion: any person that accompanies you on your trip.

Departure: the time you want to leave your location.

Designated pick-up location: accessible pick-up locations at large facilities such as malls and hospitals.

Drop-off: the location and time that your trip ends.

DNLU: A DNLU designation alerts our drivers to your need to be placed in the care of someone when arriving at your destination.

Eligibility Reassessment Program: process that is followed if Wheel-Trans is reassessing a customer’s eligibility for service.

Fare: payment for your trip.

Guide/service animals: animals that have been specifically trained to assist with a person’s day-to-day life. The animal may wear a special harness or cape designating them as a guide/service animal.

Late cancellation: A late cancellation is any trip that is cancelled with less than four hours' notice from the scheduled pick-up time. This includes trips that are booked as same-day trip requests.

Metropass: a monthly pass for unlimited use on any TTC or Wheel-Trans service. You can also purchase a monthly pass through your PRESTO card.

Mobility/assistive device: wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches, canes or any other device that assists a person.

No-show: A no-show occurs when you are not present when the vehicle arrives at the scheduled time and location.

Occasional trip: trips booked on a one-time basis for up to seven days in advance.

Pick-up: the location/time where your trip begins

Priority Line: call the Priority Line (416-393-4311) if your driver is late by 30 minutes or more or if you have received a no-show and you still require the trip.

Registration number: your personal identification number from your registration card.

Regular trip: trips that are taken at the same time, on the same day to the same location for two consecutive weeks or more.

Regular trip interruptions: you can arrange to suspend regular trips by requesting a Regular Trip Interruption, e.g. during a vacation.

RideLine: Wheel-Trans automated touch-tone telephone service.

Same day service: bookings made on the day of travel at least 4 hours in advance of the desired pick-up and drop-off time.

Securement belts: belts in buses and accessible taxis (minivans) that are used to secure assistive devices.

Sedan taxis: contracted taxicabs that provide trips for Wheel-Trans customers.

Shared ride: Wheel-Trans is a shared ride service with multiple scheduled customer pick-ups and drop-offs along the way.

Support person: someone who assists with communication, mobility, personal care/medical needs or with access to goods, services or facilities.

Transfer point: if you require transportation beyond the city limits, we have established transfer points (locations) with other regional para-transit providers.

Trip confirmation: specific scheduled trip information that is provided to you via our automated call-out or by calling the RideLine after 9:00 p.m. the night before your scheduled service or anytime on the day of service.

Wheel-Trans bus: buses that are owned and operated by TTC Wheel-Trans.

Window of time: at the time of scheduling, you will be provided with an approximate range of time for your pick-up or drop-off.

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