Tracks are for trains

In 2018, there were 1572 delay minutes and over 110 Unauthorized at Track Level incidents on TTC subway tracks.

Track trespassing is dangerous and illegal. Trespassing includes

  • descending to track level to retrieve a dropped phone or personal item
  • entering, walking or running through a subway tunnel
  • crossing the subway tracks to get to platform on the other side

Don’t descend to track level. It can be fatal.

What should I do if I see someone enter the tracks?

Don’t put your safety at risk. Notify a TTC employee or use the intercom at the DWA to let TTC station staff know. They can cut the power and/or notify emergency services if needed.

What happens if I drop my phone (or other personal items) onto the tracks?

You should alert station staff. They will be able to make arrangements to retrieve your phone or other personal items and to get the item back to you (usually through the TTC’s Lost Articles Office at Bay Station).

What should I do if I have witnessed a traumatic incident while on the TTC?

Learn about the Victim Crisis Response Program offered through Victim Services Toronto.
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