At a Glance: TTC Special Constables

Two Special Constables boarding a streetcar

Community safety and the well-being of employees and customers is of paramount importance to the TTC. Societal challenges continue to impact the transit network and throughout the response, the TTC and its partners have used a compassionate and people-first approach that aligns with the TTC’s values of inclusion as well as dignity and respect. 

Transit Special Constables understand the importance of patience and empathy when assisting passengers, whether it's answering questions, diffusing tense situations, or providing a comforting presence during emergencies. And in those instances when there’s an emergency on the TTC, they’ll be there to assist.

Key training Transit Special Constables receive is in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. The TTC’s commitment to these principles is woven into our 10-point action plan, a roadmap for a more inclusive and fair transit system.

Their practices, recruitment, and training processes are focused on fairness and equal opportunity. They're not just here to keep you safe; they’re here to ensure that everyone, regardless of who they are, feels a sense of security during their TTC journey.

Their primary duties include:

  • Crime Prevention: They deter and investigate serious incidents that might occur on TTC property or vehicles.
  • Customer Service: Transit Special Constables are available to assist TTC customers while riding the system or on our property.
  • Enforcing Transit Bylaws: Special Constables enforce TTC-specific bylaws to ensure that passengers comply with transit regulations.
  • Emergency Response: They respond to emergencies, accidents, and medical situations on TTC property, providing assistance and coordinating with other emergency services when necessary.
  • Community Engagement: Special Constables engage with the community to build positive relationships and address concerns related to public safety on the transit system.

TTC Special Constables work in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, such as the Toronto Police Service, to protect the safety and security of TTC customers, employees and property.

Questions? Contact us at 416-393-3030 or follow @ttchelps. 

Learn more about Special Constable opportunities.

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