TTC marking Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day on March 18

This Mon., Mar. 18, is Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day, honouring transit workers who play a crucial role in keeping Toronto moving. Customers are encouraged to take a moment to say thanks to dedicated TTC employees who are hard at work ensuring safe and reliable transit for all Torontonians.


“TTC operators and workers are the backbone of Toronto’s transit system, getting us to work, school, recreation, and essential services every day,” said Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “They also make our lives easier with countless acts of kindness and customer service, from deploying accessible ramps to reuniting customers with their lost belongings. This Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day let’s take a moment to thank TTC employees for their hard work and dedication.”


“As TTC ridership continues to grow, the satisfaction of TTC customers is also on the rise. This positive trend can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of TTC employees who strive to make every journey a safe, reliable and positive experience,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “On behalf of the TTC Board, I am proud to recognize the invaluable contributions of TTC employees and I hope everyone will join me on Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day in thanking transit workers for all that they do to support our city.”


“Transit workers are the heart and soul of the TTC, committed to getting customers where they need to be regardless of the weather or time of day,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “Transit is not an easy job, and while we acknowledge and appreciate their efforts throughout the year, Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day is a reminder for all of us to express our gratitude and recognize the essential role TTC employees play in our daily lives.”


Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day is recognized by transit agencies across North America to celebrate the invaluable contributions of transit professionals. March 18 holds special significance as the day when the first public transit system was launched in France in 1662.


The TTC is recognizing employees throughout the week with initiatives including employee appreciation events and videos. Customers who wish to participate are encouraged to thank their local TTC employees and submit any compliments or stories on social media or through customer service online or by phone.

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