TTC ACAT elects Chair and Vice-Chairs

The TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT) has elected Anita Dressler to serve as its 2024 Chair, with Betty Rivington-Law and Erica Tanny elected to serve as Vice-Chairs. The elections took place on Mon., Jan. 15, with ACAT members casting their votes in person and virtually.


“The TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit plays a vital role in ensuring that we are providing an accessible and safe transit system for all of our residents,” said Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “Congratulations to the Chair and Vice-Chairs who, along with the dedicated ACAT committee members, will offer valuable advice and recommendations on matters related to accessible public transit in the City of Toronto.”


“On behalf the Board, I extend my congratulations to the 2024 Chair and Vice Chairs of ACAT. Accessibility is a key priority at the TTC and I am grateful for the committee’s efforts in making the transit system more equitable and fully accessible,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “I look forward to working alongside ACAT in 2024, ensuring that the committee’s voice is heard and its recommendations are considered when making decisions that impact accessible and inclusive transit in Toronto.”


“Congratulations to the Chair and Vice-Chairs on their appointments,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “Our shared goal is achieving a transit system that is fully accessible and user-friendly for everyone. I am grateful for the recommendations that ACAT has provided over the years, and look forward to collaborating with the new ACAT executive committee.”


“I want to thank ACAT members for once again placing their trust in me in the position of Chair. It is truly an honour to serve on a committee with such outstanding members. Together, we are dedicated to identifying and addressing areas where improvements to transit can be made, advocating for accessible design and infrastructure, and collaborating with the TTC on initiatives that enhance accessibility throughout the transit system,” said ACAT Chair Anita Dressler.


Anita Dressler was first elected ACAT Chair in 2023. She is a community leader who advocates for a better quality of life for seniors and persons with disabilities. Her volunteer experience spans more than 60 years, and over the last 15 years, her advocacy has been focused on highlighting issues faced by persons with disabilities and seniors, in accessing transportation, housing and health.


The ACAT executive committee is comprised of the Chair and two Vice-Chairs, who are elected at the beginning of every year. The Chair represents ACAT at TTC board meetings and at public functions.


ACAT focuses on providing the TTC with advice and recommendations on matters related to accessible public transit in the City of Toronto. Their initiatives include removing barriers to accessibility and improving the customer experience for persons with disabilities and seniors. The committee works to ensure that individuals with different abilities can travel with ease and have equal access to TTC's services.

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