Investments in new frontline staff improving customer satisfaction and safety

Newly released data shows significant improvements in TTC customer satisfaction, particularly in safety, following investments in new customer-facing personnel. Last September, the TTC announced it would vastly enhance the visible presence of staff throughout the system, by hiring 130 customer service agents and 30 supervisors at key subway stations, and on the bus and streetcar networks.


The latest findings show that since October 2023, customer satisfaction with safety on the TTC has increased seven points (61 per cent), with overall satisfaction among subway users up five points (71 per cent). During the same period, the rate of offences against customers in subway stations decreased by 11 per cent, with a 10 per cent decline across the system. Since January 2023, the rate of offences against customers has shown an overall decline of 24 per cent.


“It is clear that customers value the visible presence of TTC staff in the subway, as well as having more eyes and ears on the platform,” said Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “The positive feedback from customers underscores the importance of investing in frontline personnel and creating a welcoming and secure environment for all TTC riders.”


“These improvements in customer satisfaction are encouraging and a strong indication that our investment in new, highly visible customer-facing staff is working,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “Improving customer access to staff not only benefits current riders, but will contribute to attracting new customers to the TTC.”


“By adding more customer service agents in stations and expanding supervisory coverage, the TTC is actively working to improve the safety and well-being of both customers and transit operators,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “The increased visibility of staff and improved incident response capabilities are tangible outcomes of these strategic investments.”


The data further reveals that since last October, 69 per cent of customers reported ease of receiving assistance when needed, marking a five-point improvement. Additionally, satisfaction with staff helpfulness scores rose by six points to 65 per cent, and overall pride in the TTC increased by five points to 61 per cent.


Every month, the TTC surveys 500 customers, measuring overall satisfaction levels across all modes, as well as specific customer satisfaction aspects, such as safety, comfort, cleanliness, staff helpfulness, information, and ease of use. Findings are published monthly in the TTC CEO Report and presented to the TTC Board.


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