TTC proposing new investments in customer service, community safety and security initiatives

As part of the TTC’s ongoing commitment to keeping employees and customers safe, the agency is proposing the addition of 178 new frontline staff to deter, and respond to, safety and security incidents on the system.


A new report going to the TTC’s Sept. 26 Board meeting recommends using $10.3 million in projected 2023 savings to hire new, high-visibility customer service agents and bus, streetcar and subway supervisors. The report also proposes extending a number of safety and security initiatives launched earlier this year.


The recommendations come as the TTC continues to look for opportunities to enhance community safety and incident response measures to more effectively address societal challenges that continue to impact public transit. The TTC anticipates additional pressures on the system over the winter months as is typically the case.


“We need a new approach to making the TTC a more reassuring environment that feels safer, and is safer, for everyone,” said Mayor Olivia Chow. “We know that when issues arise on the TTC, people are twice as likely to report them to TTC station staff and operators, than by other methods. TTC customers want more visible TTC staff in the subway and more eyes and ears on the platform. This proposal will go a long way in enhancing transit users’ sense of safety.”


“Community safety and the well-being of employees and customers are of paramount importance to the TTC,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “Adding more TTC customer service agents in stations, and having more comprehensive supervisory coverage, are tangible ways to improve the safety and well-being of customers and transit operators. On behalf of the TTC Board, I thank TTC staff for this comprehensive proposal which we will consider at our meeting next week.”


“We have an obligation to keep our customers and employees safe,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “Increasing TTC staff in stations will improve customer service, while having more supervisors at key locations will increase the visible presence of staff and improve our ability to respond to incidents. The TTC will continue working with the City, Toronto Police, and our union partners in building a long-term plan to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and members of the public.”


The TTC report recommends:


  • Hiring 161 new customer facing personnel, vastly increasing the visible presence of TTC staff across the system. This includes 130 new customer service agents and one clerk to assist in subway stations and at secondary entrances, and 30 new supervisors in stations and on bus and streetcar routes to enable more effective responses to incidents in the field.


  • Continuing mental health and social support for people experiencing homelessness and individuals with complex needs. This includes hiring a program manager to oversee the development of a Five-Year Community Safety and Well-being Plan, including a review of all TTC security operations and best practices from other jurisdictions. Additionally, the TTC will continue to support 20 Streets to Homes outreach workers, 20 Community Safety Ambassadors, temporary security guards, de-escalation training, and the Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team (M-DOT) pilot program.


  • Adding six new bus operators and creating special transport and temporary shelter buses to assist individuals sheltering in subway stations get out of the cold and into proper shelter beds.


  • Onboarding 50 additional Special Constables by the end of 2023, providing high visibility patrols and rapid response to security incidents.


  • Maintain all-day coverage of the Transit Control Security Desk with six additional dispatchers.


  • Hiring four additional janitors for extended station cleaning, and maintaining end-of-line streetcar cleaning.


The TTC’s Board meeting takes place next Tuesday at the Scarborough Civic Centre beginning at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live on the TTC’s YouTube channel.

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