TTC recommends joining Ontario’s One-Fare program and eliminating double fares in 2024

A new report going to the TTC’s Nov. 22 Board recommends the TTC enter Ontario’s One-Fare program that would eliminate double fares for customers transferring between the TTC, GO Transit and other GTA transit agencies by early 2024.


Today, customers pay a double fare when taking the TTC and GO Transit or another transit agency in the same trip. Under the One-Fare program, customers transferring between TTC and GO Transit will be reimbursed for their single ride TTC fare, while those transferring between the TTC and a municipal transit agency will be able to use their 2-hour transfer without paying a second fare.


For example, adult fare customers transferring between the TTC and GO Transit will save $3.30 on a single trip. Customers who use the TTC and YRT would save up to $3.88* on a single adult trip taken between the two agencies within the 2-hour free transfer period.


Under the One-Fare program, the Province of Ontario, through Metrolinx, would reimburse 100 per cent of eligible trips to transit agencies for foregone fare box revenue. Eligible trips would include those made within the 2-hour free transfer period using a PRESTO fare card, PRESTO in Mobile Wallet, debit or credit card. It would not apply to customers paying with cash, or with a TTC ticket or token.


If adopted by the TTC, the One-Fare program would begin in early 2024.




“Under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford, our government’s One-Fare program is fully funding the removal of double fares when commuters connect between the TTC and neighbouring municipalities. We’re putting money back in the pockets of transit riders, where it belongs. For an adult who commutes back and forth five days a week, this will save them an average of $1,600 annually.”
 – Vijay Thanigasalam, Associate Minister of Transportation


“It is essential that we make transit more affordable. For so many people who are struggling to make ends meet, paying a second fare for one trip is a barrier against taking transit to work, medical appointments or visiting family and friends outside the city. Eliminating the double fare would go a long way to making life more affordable for many Torontonians.”
 – Mayor Olivia Chow


“About 13 per cent of TTC customers start or end their trip outside Toronto which includes customers who walk up to a kilometre to cross the municipal boundary or drive to a TTC station to avoid the double fare. Fare integration would directly benefit these customers by reducing their transit costs and giving drivers a reason to leave the car at home. Eliminating the double fare is a win-win for our customers and the environment.”
 – TTC Chair Jamaal Myers


“Fare integration will improve equity and accessibility for customers by providing a co-fare when transferring between TTC, GO Transit and surrounding GTA transit agencies. This is a key step toward our vision of an affordable public transit system in Toronto and the region.”
 – TTC CEO Rick Leary


*Example fares for a customer transferring between the TTC and YRT


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