TTC and ATU Local 113 work together with ATU International on a new Bus Design Innovation Program starting with a concept to improve bus operator health and security

The TTC and ATU Local 113 have unveiled bus-of-the-future design-concepts to greatly improve security and provide a healthier working environment for bus operators, as part of a Bus Design Innovation Program together with ATU International and Centennial College.


Building on best practices from transit agencies globally, the design provides a complete barrier that shields a bus operator’s workspace from the passenger compartment – greatly reducing the risk of being assaulted, while maintaining a clear unobstructed view of both mirrors to ensure safe operation of the vehicle.


“Safety and security is central to everything we do, and providing a safe and healthy work environment for transit operators is a top priority,” said TTC Chair Jon Burnside. “The full shield design-concept presented to the TTC Board will protect our team members from the very real risk of assault, but also allows them to communicate easily with passengers. It is an excellent example of what can be achieved when the TTC and our union partners work in partnership together.”


The TTC and ATU Local 113, working together with ATU International and Centennial College, have also begun work on a new system that will improve air quality and the health of passengers and operators.


“The Bus Design Innovation Program is transformative, and will greatly improve the security and safety of our bus operators,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “We aim to set new global standards in protection from assaults, and in air quality, to ensure the TTC is fully prepared for the next pandemic and seasonal viruses. I want thank our union partners and Centennial College for this incredibly important partnership with the TTC.”


“Our union has been leading the way in the industry on safety and security for our members and riders as violence and attacks have increased on transit systems. We look forward to this important partnership with the TTC and our Local 113 to implement these design concepts that will save lives,” said ATU International President John Costa.


“We have an opportunity in establishing a new global benchmark in bus design, as world leaders in safety and service quality. Together we can make a vital contribution to the health and safety of transit workers, TTC riders and the City of Toronto,” said Marvin Alfred, President, ATU Local 113.


These new designs, along with several others, were recently presented to the U.S. Federal Transit Administration and other transit systems in North America, and have received broad interest and support. Further updates on the Bus Design Innovation Program will be presented publically through upcoming TTC Board meetings.

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