506 Carlton returns to Gerrard and Coxwell

Starting Mon., July 17, the 506 Carlton streetcar will return to service along Gerrard St. E. and Coxwell Ave., following completion of streetcar track replacement, three weeks ahead of schedule.


The intersection at Coxwell Ave. and Lower Gerrard St. E. / Eastwood Rd. closed to all traffic in June, while TTC crews worked to install new streetcar tracks, and to realign overhead cabling. This followed replacement of water main infrastructure in the area by Toronto Water.


“This is a tremendous example of how the TTC carefully plans and executes major infrastructure work,” said TTC Chair Jon Burnside. “The incredible team of engineers and repair crews completely rebuilt the Gerrard and Coxwell streetcar tracks, re-established and aligned new overhead cables, tested and commissioned the resumption of service in less than a month. It’s a large piece of work delivered ahead of schedule.”


New streetcar tracks for the intersection were precision-built, pre-configured and staged at the TTC’s Hillcrest Complex, which enabled engineers to excavate and replace the old rail infrastructure efficiently, with the least disruption to local residents and businesses.


“Our employees dedicate themselves to getting our customers to and from their destinations safely and on time,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “That also means going above and beyond to ensure our system is in a state of good repair, and to resume services as quickly as possible when major work, like track replacement, is required.”


The 506 Carlton streetcar will service stops both ways along Gerrard St. E., and south on Coxwell Ave. to Queen St. E.


The 506C bus replacement will continue to operate between Castle Frank and Victoria Park stations, with stops along Parliament St., Gerrard St. E., Greenwood, Danforth and Coxwell avenues, Upper Gerrard St. E., and Victoria Park Ave.


The TTC is committed to keeping customers informed about work and events that impact service and about alternate routes. For the most up-to-date information, visit www.ttc.ca, follow @TTCNotices on Twitter or sign up for eAlerts.

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