TTC welcomes new members to its Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit

The TTC is pleased to announce the appointment of five new members to its Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT). Angela Marley, Chau Sheung Wong, Debbie Gillespie, Lori Bailey, and Tammy Adams have been named as the newest members of ACAT, beginning their three-year terms on January 1, 2024.


“The Toronto citizens who comprise ACAT play a crucial role in advising the TTC on the challenges faced by people with disabilities and seniors when using transit,” said Mayor Olivia Chow. “I want to thank all ACAT members for volunteering their time and energy to eliminate barriers to accessible public transit.”


At its meeting on Dec. 7, the TTC Board approved the new appointments to ACAT and acknowledged the members whose terms will conclude at the end of this year.


“On behalf of the TTC Board, I want to thank the outgoing members Gwyneth Dalzell, Craig Nicol, Lauri-Sue Robertson, Rob Lackie, and Valdo Tammark for their dedicated service and contributions throughout their terms, which will conclude at the end of this year,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “Accessibility remains a key priority for the TTC, and with invaluable guidance from members of ACAT we are making significant progress toward a more equitable transit system for persons with disabilities.”


“Congratulations to the newly appointed ACAT members,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “Our shared goal is achieving a transit system that is fully accessible and user-friendly for everyone. I am grateful for the recommendations that ACAT has provided this year, and look forward to collaborating with all members of ACAT in 2024.”


ACAT is made up of volunteers who provide the TTC with advice and recommendations on matters pertaining to accessible public transit in the City of Toronto. These include removing barriers to accessibility and improving the customer experience for persons with disabilities and seniors.

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