TTC prepared for expected winter storm

The TTC is preparing for tomorrow’s winter storm and will be ready to safely get Torontonians to and from their destinations.

Based on the latest forecasts, this storm has the strong potential to make surface travel challenging so the TTC is taking extra steps to ensure it delivers the best service possible.

The precise track and full impact of this storm are still unknown, but the TTC is mobilizing its enhanced Severe Weather Plan to ensure it is able to continue to deliver the essential transit service customers need.

Actions already underway include:

• Extra staff and vehicles are being prepared to deliver uninterrupted service.

• Line 3 Scarborough SRT will open for morning service, but could be closed depending on storm conditions, with 20-25 buses replacing service until weather permits it to re-open.

• Anti-icing and snow clearing protocols in place in all bus, streetcar and subway divisions.

• Subway trains will be stored in tunnels along the main lines to avoid issues getting out of the yards.

• The entire streetcar overhead network and vehicles have been treated with an anti-icing application. Should any issues arise on 512 St Clair, the route will be serviced with replacement buses.

• Private contractor tow trucks are ready to assist with any trapped vehicles and the TTC’s fleet of snow-clearing equipment will be deployed as conditions progress.

• The TTC will stay in regular communication with the City to ensure crews are aware of issues on transit routes.

• Social media and web updates will be pushed out frequently to keep customers informed.

As always, the TTC is committed to safe and reliable service in the most extreme weather, but operations can be impacted by road conditions.

Customers are advised to follow @TTCNotices on Twitter or check for updates and in the event of bad weather, to leave extra travel time.

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