TTC increasing service as more customers return to transit next week

The TTC is increasing service and taking steps to improve security and cleanliness as it prepares to welcome back more customers next week.


“As students return to school and more people return to in-office work after Labour Day, we know our ridership will increase as it typically does in September,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “This year is different from past years for obvious reasons. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic it is especially important to me that that TTC be fully prepared to welcome everyone back to a safe and clean system with service that meets the needs of our customers.”


Although TTC ridership throughout the summer has been in the 55-60 per cent range, current models predict a further 10 to 15 per cent jump over the coming weeks and months, barring any new pandemic restrictions.


To ensure customers have the best experience on their return, the TTC has been focusing on four key areas:


  • Increasing service across all modes and on many routes to make sure service is being delivered to meet demand and as advertised in schedules;
  • Recruiting, hiring and training more frontline employees to meet these service improvements;
  • Enhancing cleanliness throughout the entire system, including the hiring of 100 students to conduct a stations cleaning blitz over the summer;
  • Renewing our focus on safety and customer service excellence. This includes increasing the number of Special Constables and working with the city’s Streets to Home program to put resources where they are needed.


Key service changes coming into effect this Sunday, Sept. 4, include:


  • Restoration of three-minute train service on Lines 1 and 2.
  • Increased service on 29 bus routes and two streetcar routes.
  • Restoration of seasonal post-secondary services across the network. Staff worked with school boards to ensure TTC trips match planned student start and dismissal times.
  • Across all modes, extra, unscheduled vehicles will be available to help fill gaps that develop due to unplanned delays or disruptions.


The TTC also reminds customers that compared to driving, the TTC is a far more affordable way to get around Toronto, particularly given current gas prices and parking rates. The TTC also offers programs like children 12 and younger riding for free and the two-hour hop-on/hop-off transfer that allows people to complete some common tasks for a single-ride fare.


Later in the fall, the TTC will be detailing more changes and improvements to its operations. This includes roll out of the Automated Train Control signaling system on all of Line 1, expansion of the Wi-Fi on buses pilot program and the introduction of a modernized fare inspection and revenue protection model.
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