Ninety-two per cent of TTC employees have shared their vaccination status

As of today, Sun., Nov. 21, 92% of the agency’s 15,061 active employees have shared their COVID-19 vaccination status. In total, 91% of unionized and 95% of non-unionized employees have shared their status, with the vast majority already fully vaccinated.

“As we expected, in the last week, we have seen hundreds of additional employees submit their proof of vaccination. That means we can start putting additional service back on the road over and above what has been scheduled,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “We are continuing to prioritize our busiest corridors during our busiest times and today, in spite of the changes, we are delivering 97% of last Sunday’s scheduled service. We are focused on providing reliable, dependable service to our customers.”

“The safety of our employees and our customers remains our top priority and we know that getting vaccinated is one of the most important things that people can do to put the pandemic behind us. That is why compliance with our Mandatory Vaccination Policy is so important. I want to thank all the employees who have complied with the Policy and I want to thank all our customers for their support.”

The new temporary schedules introduced today were planned to protect existing service on the TTC’s most popular bus corridors at the busiest times of day like Wilson, Eglinton East (RapidTO), Finch West, Jane, Lawrence East, York Mills, Steeles West, Sheppard West, and Victoria Park, among others. Other routes have varying levels of temporary service changes, in many cases similar to the seasonal changes made in the summer and in December. All corridors are maintaining the same operating hours to ensure the minimum impact possible for customers.

If additional employees come forward and report their vaccination status in the coming days and weeks, the TTC will continue to increase service into the new year.

TTC ridership is at approximately 50% of pre-COVID levels.

To date, the TTC has held 61 vaccination clinics for employees and customers. Almost 9,500 shots have been administered at these clinics.    

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