TTC maintains its focus on safety and service as schools return to in-person learning

As students are set to return to school in Toronto, York and Peel regions next Tues., Feb. 16, they and their parents can count on the TTC for continued safety and service.

“Throughout the pandemic we have worked to keep our transit system running so that our frontline and essential workers can get to and from work every day. The TTC is ready for the start of in-class learning and will provide a safe and efficient transit system for students. Thank you to our frontline TTC workers for providing a safe environment for all riders,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

“The TTC is preparing for the return to in-class learning by restoring express bus routes, deploying 60 additional buses to service secondary schools, and implementing strategies to ensure the continued safety of transit riders throughout the network. I want to encourage our riders to continue to follow public health guidance and to always wear a mask when using public transit,” said TTC Chair Jaye Robinson.

“We are ready and well-prepared to welcome students back to the TTC as they travel to and from school,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “We continue to perform additional and thorough cleaning of our vehicles, provide easy access to hand sanitizer and free masks, and deploy service where it is needed most.”

To accommodate anticipated service demand, the TTC is:

  • Working closely with school boards to understand student enrollment as well as start and dismissal times. In addition to restoring nearly all express routes, the TTC will deploy 60 additional buses to service secondary schools.
  • Maintaining service flexibility and implementing demand-responsive buses to supplement scheduled service.
  • Adding staff at stations with increased student use to monitor for crowding and ensure safety for all customers.
  • Continuing distribution of free masks throughout the system to ensure as many customers as possible are wearing face coverings.
  • Continuing enhanced cleaning and disinfection of all public places and vehicles with a focus on touch and grab points, such as buttons, railings, handles and straps.
  • Continuing to stock hand sanitizer in every station and on every streetcar and Wheel-Trans vehicle.

The TTC reminds students and parents that masks or face coverings are mandatory when riding the TTC or travelling through any TTC station. Face coverings and masks must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin, and must remain properly secured at all times. Some exceptions apply.

Customers looking for more information about the TTC's plans are encouraged to visit our website. Customers should note that due to the potential for increased demand and service being redeployed in real-time, some routes or vehicles will not appear on schedules or on transit apps.

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