TTC's proposed 2022 budget returns service to pre-pandemic levels with no fare increase

TTC staff today released a proposed 2022 operating budget that returns service to pre-pandemic levels with no fare increase.

The $2.24-billion operating budgets for both conventional and Wheel-Trans services will fund restoration of service to 100 per cent of pre-pandemic levels on the conventional network with some room for new and enhanced TTC programs.

The budget includes funding for:
• The opening of Line 5, Eglinton-Crosstown in 2022 and preparing for the opening of Line 6 Finch West in 2023. 
• Restoration of full pre-pandemic service levels in the second quarter of 2022. 
• Increased Wheel-Trans service to meet demand.
• A Service Plan reset and Ridership Reacquisition Strategy, critical to serve anticipated post-pandemic changes in transit demand and travel patterns;
• Completion of the 10-Year Fare Collection Strategy to modernize the TTC’s fare collection system; 
• Innovation and Sustainability review focused on embedding innovation, environmental sustainability and climate change resilience at the TTC; and 
• Enhanced diversity, anti-Black racism and mental health training, allowing the TTC to be a leader in inclusive and accessible transit service.

This year’s share of the $12 billion 2022-2031 capital budget plan is approximately $1.7 billion, comprising $1.2 billion for infrastructure projects and $525 million for vehicle projects.  Consistent with the 10-year Capital Plan, approximately 60 per cent is dedicated to state of good repair with the balance allowing the TTC to begin or continue work on critical service improvement projects and to complete vehicle-related procurements.

The capital budget report also updates the TTC’s 15-year, $37 billion Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and introduces the TTC’s first Real Estate Investment Plan, a 15-year strategic roadmap that supports the CIP.

Highlights of the TTC’s 2022-2031 Capital Budget and Plan include:
• Funding for essential safety and state of good repair capital work to ensure safety and reliability of our system
• Funding to meet legislative requirements related to full accessibility of the system by 2025
• Advancing delivery of the fleet procurement strategy for the procurement of 60 Streetcars, 300 hybrid buses, 300 battery-electric buses and 70 Wheel-Trans vehicles
• Continuing work on three major capacity improvement projects (Bloor-Yonge, Line 1 and Line 2)
• Facilitating business modernization such as SAP; Maximo; Vision, Wheel-Trans and Stations Transformation
• Enhancing coordination of activities and resourcing within the major projects group where 27 projects or programs account for nearly three quarters of the total $12.1 billion Capital Plan 

The TTC Board will hold a special virtual meeting regarding the 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets on Mon., Dec. 20, 2021. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and be streamed live on the Official TTC YouTube Channel.

The TTC Board will conduct the meeting using an online video conferencing platform. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TTC Board meetings are being conducted by electronic means.

The public can register to make deputations by submitting a request to

Deputations will be by way of written correspondence or by telephone only, and more information will be provided upon registration. The deadline to register is Fri., Dec. 17, 12 noon.

Details of the virtual meeting are as follows:
Date: Mon., Dec. 20, 2021.
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Live-streamed on the Official TTC YouTube Channel at

View the agenda at

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