TTC now accepting applications for accessibility advisory group

The TTC’s Advisory Committee for Accessible Transit (ACAT) is now accepting applications to fill five positions for the next three years.

ACAT plays a vitally important role in helping the TTC fulfill its commitment to building a transit system that is accessible to all Torontonians by providing important perspective and input into the planning, development and implementation of accessible transit. Its role is to represent the needs and concerns of people with disabilities and seniors who use the TTC.

The 15-member committee also provides guidance and policy advice to the TTC on issues pertaining to the ways and means of improving conventional (TTC bus, streetcar and subway) and Wheel-Trans services.

In order to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, this is the first time the application process is being conducted entirely online.

To be considered for membership to ACAT, applicants must:

- Reside in the city of Toronto.
- Use TTC or Wheel-Trans services.
- Be a person with a disability (physical, sensory, cognitive or mental health) a senior, or an advocate of persons with disabilities.
- Be familiar with accessibility standards and guidelines, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code, as these pertain to public transit.
- Have knowledge of and familiarity with accessible transit issues.
- Be willing to make a time commitment to attend and participate in meetings during regular business hours, a minimum of seven hours per week.
- Be able to demonstrate relevant work and education experience.
- Have experience working with boards and committees.

For more information, please visit or contact the TTC at 416-393-3030 (TTY 416-393-4555) or by e-mail

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