TTC staff report outlines billions in new investment for state of good repair and new vehicles

TTC staff today released recommendations on how more than $4 billion in new infrastructure funding from Toronto’s City Building Fund could be allocated to state of good repair and new vehicles.

“The injection of additional funds from the City means we can advance some of the critical work outlined in our Capital Investment Plan that was previously unfunded,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “The TTC’s needs over the next 15 years are a combination of maintaining what we have and preparing for future growth. The City Building Fund investment allows us to better plan for both.”

In the report, to be considered by the TTC Board on Mon., Jan. 27, TTC staff recommend allocating $3.09 billion to subway state of good repair and capacity improvements, including new track and switches, traction power systems, tunnel liners and the installation of an automatic train control (ATC) signalling system on Line 2.

The report also recommends allocating $1.14 billion (one-third of the total cost) toward the purchase of new vehicles to address current needs and future growth, specifically 80 subway trains, 1,575 buses, 525 Wheel-Trans vehicles and 60 streetcars.

View the full report: TTC’s 2020-2029 Key Capital Investment Priorities: Subway Infrastructure and Accelerated Vehicle Procurements.

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