TTC’s ATC signal upgrades extend to St Patrick Station

Earlier today, the portion of TTC Line 1 between St Patrick and Dupont stations began operating on the modern and improved Automatic Train Control (ATC) system, making the entire section of Line 1 from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to St Patrick run on the more reliable signalling system.

Upgrades and testing were completed during this weekend’s subway closure with the system going live when full subway service resumed early, at noon. This milestone in ATC installation means fewer delays associated with the older fixed-block signalling system along this section of Line 1.

TTC crews spent nine months installing the communications system between Dupont and St Patrick stations, and installed in excess of 100,000 ft. of cable and over 500 trackside components.

“The TTC is very excited to have completed the installation of a modern signalling system on this portion of Line 1,” said TTC Chair Jaye Robinson. “The advancement this weekend to St Patrick Station brings us one step closer to increased capacity and crowding relief on the subway.”

Portions of the TTC’s signal system date back to the 1950s when the subway first opened. In addition to reducing signal-related delays, ATC increases safety of the subway, improves travel times and lowers operating costs.

As installation of ATC continues, weekend closures will continue to be required. As always, the TTC will advise customers in advance of these closures and alternate service plans.

ATC is proven technology that is in operation at more than 100 subway systems throughout the world such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Paris. Like new systems elsewhere, TTC’s Line 1 extension has been running on the ATC system since it opened in December 2017.

The TTC is also reminding customers that since crews were able to complete the ATC signal upgrades ahead of schedule, full service has resumed on Line 1. Customers are encouraged to use the subway to travel to the Raptors game this evening.

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