TTC Statement on Ombudsman Toronto Enquiry Report: Review of the TTC’s Investigation of a February 18, 2018 Incident Involving Transit Fare Inspectors

The TTC thanks the Ombudsman for her report reviewing the TTC’s investigation of a February 18, 2018 incident involving Transit Fare Inspectors, and accepts every recommendation contained in the report. We also appreciate the opportunity provided by the Ombudsman to comment on the report. We will not comment on the incident itself, as it is the subject of legal proceedings.

Beyond accepting the six recommendations contained in the report and setting out a timeline to implement them by the end of this year, the TTC is seizing on this important opportunity to be a leader among transit agencies in developing a broad and comprehensive anti-racism strategy.

In the ‘Broader Context’ section of the Ombudsman’s report, she states that, following the incident of February 18, 2018, there was broadly expressed public concern that racial profiling may have played a role in the events of that day.

The Ombudsman states, and we completely agree, “A public perception that racial profiling exists in an organization, even if unfounded, is deeply harmful to that organization and the public’s trust in it.”

That is why we are moving without delay to implement a system-wide anti-racism strategy, aimed directly at preventing racial profiling, and covering all aspects of the TTC’s operation. We need to ensure that all of our customers feel safe and secure when dealing with our employees.

In addition to the recommendations put forward by the Ombudsman, we are introducing a series of anti-racism measures by, including:
- Meeting with external stakeholders, including leaders and experts on race relations, to develop a comprehensive anti-racism strategy;
- Holding public consultations with members of the impacted communities before the end of this year;
- Setting up an anti-racism task force;
- A strengthened and updated program of anti-racism training for Transit Fare Inspectors and Special Constables to ensure that they are all familiar with best practices in this vital area and are well-equipped for their interactions with our community members and members of the public.

As CEO, I am proud to lead an organization that serves the most diverse city in the world, carrying 1.7 million rides each and every weekday. We are committed to human rights and to celebrating diversity. And I know that we can and need to – and will – do better.

Richard J. Leary, CEO
Toronto Transit Commission

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