External TTC cameras will enhance safety and support investigations

Starting next Mon., Jan 28, the TTC will activate external-facing cameras on many buses, streetcars and Wheel-Trans vehicles to enhance customer and public safety. Toronto is one of the last municipalities in Ontario to implement forward-facing and external cameras on surface vehicles.

These cameras will also assist the TTC in investigating incidents involving TTC vehicles and support investigations and claims.
The TTC held both in-person and online public consultations on the implementation of cameras last fall, with more than 85 per cent of respondents expressing support for the program.

Decals will be posted on vehicles to notify the public that the exterior cameras are actively recording. As with internal cameras, recordings made by the external cameras will be retained for a period of 72 hours on buses and streetcars and a period of seven days on most Wheel-Trans vehicles. Video footage that is not downloaded for investigative purposes will be overwritten on a rolling basis.

Requests for TTC CCTV will be managed and prepared by the TTC's Video Services Unit. Footage will be released to law enforcement agencies when relevant and/or if requested.

For more information on the program, including the TTC's public consultation, please visit:

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